The benefits of skiing

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The benefits of skiing

Research by Jason Ringgenberg | January 20, 2019


One of the nice things about skiing is, it's a great workout for your body, without even realizing it.

But just how useful skis for us? And if we can justify the omission of fitness this week, if we go skiing?

For many of you this might be another reason to just quit everything and go to the mountains, others will find an explanation of fatigue after an intense ski day, while others will simply izkefyat, no going to the gym this week 🙂

Well here's how skiing and snowboarding practice affect your body:

* Баланс и координация.

Skiing significantly increases our ability to coordinate their bodies. mobility, needed to carry out controlled turns, rapid adjustment of pressure and tilt, and avoiding obstacles, and rapid braking skills are, which will contribute to better coordination and balance in everyday life.

* Здраве и издръжливост на сърдечносъдовата система.

Skiing is aerobic activity, which causes blood to "boil" and thus increases the efficiency of the cardiovascular system. Climbing skiing (Pantella) It is an especially good way to improve heart health.

* Подобрява настроението и отношението към живота.

Certainly not a mystery why skiing improves mood and quality of life. Being in the mountains, to breathe clean air, and hang out with your friends is enough, to make someone smile long time. That's why skiing is so popular initiative. Because a lot of fun!

* Изгражда мускулите.

Skiing puts you in a squatting position all the time, resulting in making tons of squats, without realizing what you are doing. power, needed to maintain posture and coordination, It comes directly from the core body, which is a great workout for the abdominal muscles.

* Чудесно за ставите и костите.

While skiing, body relies heavily on joints. Continuously rotate and work with ankles, knees and hips quite heavily and extensively on ways, which are rarely found in other sports. This contributes to less chance of developing osteoporosis.

So we have it!!!! More reasons to ski and spend more days in the mountains!

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