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"Empty your mind, бъди безформен –; like water. ; Water can flow and can rages. Be water, my friend. "

For three beers during

We have announced a date and have organized group: The annual tour of Thassos will be held in late May. Formation is an interesting company: some people were classmates, other friends, and some just met the previous kayak trip. So we caught this story tasoska, travel through the dark night on the road from Sofia to Keramoti. Eight people - I, TOni and six friends. In the van open beers, through the half-open window invaded fresh breeze, listen Massive Attack and life story of Iwaki. He zabegnal a bit to Bulgaria, to lighten the burdens of family in Canada. Iwaki though not seen people for three beers poured during the last five years of his life. Lots of laughter, places compassion, but mostly laughter.

About one hour after midnight, mooring keramotiyskiya beach outside the city and tents. Motorists drink a beer, sprinkle a little old jokes and are in bed.


Noses link Thassos!

A new day, I wake up on the beach, Our sun pleasantly heated. But there is no time for romance, cup of coffee, We eat quickly and start with preparations. We do not sissy to travel with Ferry, We go to the beach and paddle to the island. For Ferry are 40 minutes, but to us two hours, so did not think much. Load everything in boats: clothes, food for five days, water, beer and camping accessories. The confusion is complete.


watch the sky: above the clouds move slowly and obscured the sun, spirit light wind. The sea is calm. Hopefully forecast rain for the next day to get away. But also down slightly, not so scary, We say and tumbles boats. Especially without straining come to town Thassos. Beach sachet scared, that soon will see the pub, orders for all cold beers and grilled octopus.

Chaos in the order or order in chaos.

They carry them on the beach, as we sprawled between boats, very cool! As for the first day, everything is going as planned, The tour starts left, in the wild part of the island and in the evening we arrive to the small fishing beach before Chrissi Ammoudia. That tents and get changed and started to drizzle. This country, however we do not scare us and placed under a large tree Eat and Drinking. Some men seems quite late shout and laugh. Rain does not stop, but the party also. guess, that two have already all been decent died in their tents.

The first night on the island, before rain.

Good Morning, Thassos!

Damn it! Strong wind bent rods, hear how the sea rumble, and the rain lashes in the protective layer of the tent. Good Morning, Thassos! Around six is, some people were flooded by rain and seek shelter at his comrades, who are alone in tents. These things came the outside, but no one, not contacted, does not show up, a only snuggles into the sleeping bag and hoping the rain would not penetrate him. Occasionally, someone comes, to further strengthen tent, It becomes wringing and crawls over dry. We will try to get to sleep, even hope to lighten time later.

Nothing like that happens and morning human needs are starting to draw people out of their dens and cause them to take strange positions in bushes and undergrowth. He will not sleep so, will disasters. each dress, what has, rain is allied with the wind and without jacket become wet in seconds. Sea level has risen and threatens to engulf two tents. Around us there are fishing buildings, which long ago served to someone, today only their foundations. Perhaps we will find shelter in the woods behind us? Some saw something like a small bungalow deeper among the trees. Everyone grabs clothes and food and stumbled on the wet stones up the faint path. Yes, the place is good for now, and although only a few square seems there will be room for all the closed teraska. Damian is something between shorts and swimsuits, which are quite wet, leading to applause. By the end of the tour, He will appear each night with increasingly tight pants of this type. To our revenge for constant jokes, of course!

Gimme Shelter

Sushim is, drink coffee, morality increases, and the rain weakens. The wind is still strong, but the gusts were less frequent. Tony's get high on a hill, to look at the sea. The measure is white bunnies, the waves are strong agitation. Rowing for beginners is not advisable. We think we as leaders, but I do not want to remain longer in one place. Down on the beach everything is soaked, while on the terrace of the bungalow, breakfast turns into lunch.

We have to decide, We will go around the island or will wait to calm sea. If we go in three afternoon, we have a chance to reduce the gap to half a day and in the coming days to make up the rest. If we stay here to sleep, we can forget about tour. And Tony do plan, how will paddle, Who then who will move and how will we react when a problem. We begin to follow in 20 minutes the sea state and decide, that will manage Paradise Beach. Almost all of the group are experienced kayakers and inspiring them to try.



Thassos, hold on, go!

Invigorated by the decision to enter the water, We head to the windy beach. Baggage and equipment were quite wet and heavy, but the fever of the confrontation with the sea muted fatigue and adrenaline us. Soon all are equipped for Patagonia and pulled shpritskite. Sea in the cove not like, and behind the nose is quite windy. At least the wind is against us and the boats cut bravely waves. After switching time the wind changes to rain. So far we struggled to keep their hats on their heads, and now they lop over our eyes. cold. If we do not move, We began to tremble. Therefore paddle. The beach is visible in the distance, but I was not happy long, because I see the next obstacle - the waves of surf. Shallows of the covenant Beach contributes to the formation of a meter and a half waves, that they will fall behind, while paddling, to go. We need to surf from above, otherwise lose control of the kayak. Колко лодки ще се справят с това излизане –; I worried and imperceptibly reach a point in the surf. The first wave is not large and miss it, see next how stands behind me and started to pull tight. Manage just in time to catch it, I must now be careful to hold the wave. If I'm accurate, will he spend directly on the sand. Subjecting the blades of the paddle left and right behind me, Taxiing coolly and out.

great feeling, if I did not breathe the last two minutes! But quickly's recovery, realize, all right now entering the critical zone. Download the boat back on the beach and rushed to help. The boat of girls after me and I see it, that thirty meters from the shore stands parallel to the waves. My stomach turns! But this is only for a moment and then abruptly turns nose and directed to me. It is unbelievable, It had certainly turn, but despite the panic Silvia, He manages the correct maneuver and girls are saved. males boats, Unfortunately, do not have such luck and sachet and valves are turning to deeper, and Damian and Iwaki, meters from the shore. Thank God, all feeling the bottom under your feet together and turn the boats and collect the scattered things. thought, that the valve is trying to save your phone, and he was chasing a beer, not to drag the sea. Finally Tony finished last in triumph.


Sail Paradise!

Tonight will not end?!

The whole action is observed by the owners of the beach, who began to applaud, becoming clear, we all came up out safely to their bank. He starts blowing hard and raining again, so logically go to Greece, to seek shelter in their place. It turns out, that bar-restaurant is quite large and luxurious. Four or five people on staff prepare it for the season and due to bad weather no other visitors besides Bulgarians-castaways. They are very kind and offered us to sleep in the porch, meanwhile occupy us prepare something to eat. We begin drying and dressing. We use the toilets for washing and doing terrible mess, because we became like tramps in just two days. Behind the restaurant noticed quite Cats. Maybe twenty. It turns out, that cats are one hundred, there are eight dogs. Wow! A little creepy to sleep here. Greeks bear food, draw us with several bottles of ouzo. They tell us, they do not live here and that will come tomorrow at eight, to make us breakfast. Dissolution very mellow after a brief night and strenuous paddling. The situation does not allow any relaxation. Already dark and we're headlamps and candles in the entrance of the restaurant, and everywhere see running silhouettes of cats. It soon became clear, that we will not mellow, cats began to rummage through our luggage and poking sacks. We'll have to sleep with a hundred cats under one roof! Iwaki of his boils and decides, that we can get rid of meowing creatures, using the chairs and tables, to clog the places through which can enter. But first, We must drive them out. I do not know, How long we fought with the damn cats, but a few times they were returning through unsealed cracks and start over. Finally we find peace, that will sleep three or four cats and was prigovihme to bed, when we learned, cats outside our revenge. disappointed, that will sleep out, cats attacked our tents, which dried out. We have serious damage: one pissed and a tent Nasri, yuk! Tonight will not end?!

We leave early from the ill-fated Paradise biich. heaven enlightens, spirit weak, but waves promise to make us company until at least noon. Our first task is to pass the surf. Waves reach m, but they are against us, so with strong rowing after about two hundred meters, we'd be out of the bay. Tony first run and watch his fight with the waves. Kayak thrashing wildly in each wave, but Tony deftly fought with them. While others run into the water thinking, what else awaits us. Shepherd group. The waves are high and greasy us raised or lowered. At times I only see Tony behind me, like the other three boats were missing among us. We must avoid breaking waves, lest we flood, but should not we go too far, for us not drag currents. The group is mobilizing the maximum. All implemented strict guidelines. At times we sense, the waves will take us and bring us been plunged directly onto rocks.

But the sea as if he just wanted to play with us and the boat away from the rocks at the last moment before impact. not felt, They walked three hours, so we focused on the situation. There were only a joke with the transition over a shoal, where about twenty meters if we were in the boat for a quick water: We slid the white sea foam without any control options, but fortunately no one turned.

The caves are not so impressed we, as the waves.

When we stopped for lunch, the sea was gone quiet and the sun was nice. tonite, if until now we waited on the shore, Minutes prepared mega delicious polenta with vegetables and we dropped down greedily on dishes. How is sweet food only at such times.

Secretly hoped, Moving forward enough today, after fixing time. After lunch, the pace was good and after a short break on the beach in Limenaria, I was determined to spend the night shortly before Skala Marion. All as if we rowed and we took a steady pace sunset. The last one hour fatigue felt tangibly, no trace of adrenaline from previous days and barely made their way to shore. But worth the effort, We offset all retardation, that day traveled the 42 km.

In presdledvane the sun..

Минавам…;The big ship passes!!!

In the next two days, if we were on another island: the sea is smooth as a lake, and in heaven there is not a single cloud.

another time, another island

just, when we were granted, Thassos offer us a new thrill. Rowing to Keramoti, we have to cross the road on ferries. In order not to unnecessarily stress the, do that just before the harbor, when the ships maneuvered and move slowly. now, however,, To save a little cheated boating and going down too early to maneuver crossing. I thought that we have at least 15 minutes to cross before displaying new ship. However, because of holidays, Greeks have placed more ferrite and suddenly find ourselves scattered in just ten meters, where it should. cometh turmoil, I scream 'Row!"Scoop and all nonhuman forces, to break out. Naturally, here we survived, threatened were only girls, who were left behind. now, here there is little clarification. Last night Silva and flap decided not to return a drop of alcohol in Sofia and drained all available. But that hardly affected the quality of the final sprint into battle with ferry.

Once again "made" Thassos, but this time was a great expedition, that everyone will remember. This story is all about you: Silve, Happiness, Ivak, Damyanov, Sachet, Valve and Tony - you were great! When plans go wrong, започва истинското приключение –; remember this. Very strong group, which needed a serious challenge and Poseidon not slow us provide it.

Happy ending 🙂

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