Caring for diving equipment

Kak take care of diving equipment before and after diving, so she can take care of us underwater!

If you are a serious diver, then you've probably invested heavily in equipment for diving. AND, of course, you want to take care of this equipment, right?

Proper maintenance will significantly extend life your equipment, but it is also one of the best insurance policies Safety diving.

Regular maintenance required to visually inspect, clean and properly handle all parts of your outfit, using concrete steps for care before, and after use. So that, before your next dive to be sure, that your controller works flawlessly.

mask, Fins, snorkel

before diving

1.Ogledayte all silicone bands, to look fine cracks. Especially common in the straps of flippers for boots and are clear signs of impending rupture. If you find traces of nranyavane or break is advisable to change the tape / strap.

2. Then check out the silicone mask, гъвкавата част на шнорхела и мундщука за всякакви “;сълзи”;. The most common area of ​​damage to the mask seal around the nose and cheeks. This most often happens when improper storage (flanged silicone) or heavy use, which in turn leads to leaks.

3.Nay finally go buckles, which may break or become blocked with debris, which may affect their functioning.

after diving

To prevent mold, rinse the mask, Fins and šnorhela with warm, fresh water and dry them completely, before they pack. And packaging items free, so that the fins do not bend or refract, and distorts the silicone mask. Leaving items in a strange position for a long period of time, will make them accept unnatural shape and disrupt their effectiveness.


before diving

A good idea is to connect the regulator with bottle, when preparing their equipment for diving. Take a few breaths from the regulator, and several breaths of octopus and check manometer for precise pressure. Visually inspect all hoses regulator, to make sure, that no cracks, be sure, no holes or tears in check mouthpieces and metal fittings for corrosion. If you use a fuse Hose, drag them from the first degree, to check underneath.

Meanwhile, look for corrosion of metal parts in the first degree. The cracks in pipes or obvious corrosion of any component of the regulator require professional service by a qualified technician. Then disconnect the regulator from the bottle, Put the cap for dust, breathe heavily each regulator and hold vacuum.

Also check each housing of the second degree for cracks and if you have analog, oil gauges, be sure, that they do not leak fluid. Most divers use computers now, and even though these devices rarely fail, a dead battery may fail day dive. So check the battery indicator on your computer and follow the manufacturer's instructions on when and how to replace these batteries. If you have an analog compass, rotate the housing, to make sure, that compass card moves freely.

after diving

When you rinse your regulator, be sure, that the valve treatment of second degree not to press and cover dust of the first degree is firmly attached. After a dip in The whole court with fresh water, rinse his second degrees with hot water regulator mouthpiece and in the other membrane. rinse fitting, which connects to your inhaler low pressure, by operating the sliding fast connection back and forth, holding it under warm running water. You may use a toothbrush, for additional friction and precision.

You may additionally sprayed metallic elements with WD40, which will save them from corrosion before them zazimite.

BCD - Vest to control buoyancy

before diving

Check your BC inflator, by connecting it with regulator, which is attached to the bottle. Inflate the air several times with BC, then release the button to inflate and listen for air leaks in BC, which would mean sticking inhaler.

Then blow your BC, while the valve to release pressure vents and leave BC for about 20 minutes, to see if it holds air pressure. While BC is inflated, check valves, the waist belt, shoulder belts, strip the tank and all buckles excessive wear. If your BC with metal buckles, check them for corrosion, which will weaken the metal structure and will eventually lead to detach the lock.

The accumulation of white substance, or a green powder in addition to the rust are indications of corrosion. Малката корозия обикновено може да бъде почистена с твърда четка и малко бял оцет –; Do not forget to rinse the item then, така че оцетът е напълно отстранен –; and fast food silicone spray will help prevent future corrosion, if routinely given after your equipment is clean and completely dry.

after diving

Rinse with fresh BC, hot water. Even better, add a small amount of shampoo. Remove all the air from your BC, place it in the bottom of the basin / bath rinse, hold it with weights and let it soak for about 30 minutes. Then drain the tank, rinse equipment, to remove most of the soap, Fill the basin / bath with fresh water and allow the device to absorb a few more minutes, to remove all traces of soap. To rinse the inside, Press the manual button to inflate the mouthpiece and hold under running water, while BC is 60 to 70 percent full of water. Shake BC to reach all parts and then drain the water through each of the valves and hose inhaler. After expel water, completely blow BC, leave remaining water in BC to settle for a minute or two and then again to drain. Finally, blow BC to about 50% by volume and let it dry out of direct sunlight.


Always leave your equipment to dry inside and out, before you pack. If you have room for storage, it is best to hang BCs, costumes and regulators in a cool, dry room. Many divers did not have enough space for it. With the exception of your suit, equipment can be stored in a suitcase without damage, but make, the bag is large enough, not to bend unnaturally. Keep BC by about 20% full of air, to keep the inner walls of the balloon.

For further protection against damage, may apply a light layer of silicone on all rubber and metal components. Do not spray directly on the silicon components. Instead, spray onto a soft cloth and rub on hoses regulator, rubber straps and metal buckles. Store the mask in a solid box, to protect it from attack. You can add computer and compass in box.

professional inspection

Some components of your equipment require an annual inspection and maintenance by a qualified technician. It is a mistake to assume, if you have not used your equipment, You do not need the service. Всъщност това е малко като с колите –; if you do not ride regularly there will be more need for service, than if you regularly use.
Thislegorn Red Sea

In the end I will advise you to spend more time on frequent vacations to exotic locations around the world with the possibility of diving. Support is important, but if you do not use your equipment as intended it would be futile. So Travel, dive and explore the underwater world.

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