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Tips for traveling in Bali

Kite surf - Bali

Статия за списание Kiteboarding …;

If you want to escape the cold winter or just looking for another excuse to surf all year round, trip to Bali can guarantee you: wind, sun, waves, great food, nice smiling people, spectacular views, and international cultural environment or brief dream adventure. 90% of people have visited this place feel reborn and come back again and again.

Despite the hitch character of the island, Bali is multi-layered and can run into trouble. Therefore, we decided by a few tips to give you the opportunity to enjoy the island life and magic of Bali.


Bali has no reputation as a good place for wind, but if you give it a chance and see what can actually offer, gatantirano will enjoy better.

The following tips will help you make your next trip a little easier and safer.

The best time to visit

In fact there are only a few windy months, starting from May to September. Yuni-July to August is the best bet, but try to travel outside the Australian school holidays, because everything then rising in places can be pretty village.

which airlines

Check Turkish and Qatar Airways. Usually they have the best flights to Bali. Personal opinion, that Turks are better food, transfers and full service. Most often fly in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Qataris did fly in Doha and if you have a longer stay can take advantage of a free trip to the desert town.

Making your gear problem and will most likely end up with extra baggage. My suggestion is to buy a ticket on Turkish Airlines, because usually allow Taken equipment free if it is your only luggage for check. In other words, if you have a large bag sportanta equipment, in which you can put your personal luggage and you will not have to pay extra. Another option is to purchase additional weight, when booking. Booking early will save you a lot of money. This year Qatar earlier offered price around 450 euros.

What to take

In terms of Kite Wing, Council to take their big kites. You can forget about the need to 7-miss unless you are local or live there for most of the year. For Havayka would recommend 9 and 13 seater, а за twin tip –; 11 and 14.

Do not take more than 3 boards because chances customs officers will try to earn another extra dollar. If this happens, You will have to negotiate the fine, this is completely illegal, but everyone does it. Actually do not give confused about the number of boards, scoring.

Tips for luggage

Take a large living backpack, while moving, and put all your heavy stuff like fins, and distributing bar. The rest can be packed in a double bag surf. I usually can insert two surfing and kite 2, to weigh around 20 kg of.

Tips on arrival

The visa is necessary when entering Bali, but two years she was already issued on the spot and the best part is, that is now FREE for a lot of European countries, including Bulgaria. The stay is a month or 30 calendar days. If you want to stay longer you will have to pay and claim or advance at the Embassy or in the certain darvazhni instututsii.

Your passport must be valid at least six months from the date of entry into Indonesia and must have proof of passing (return or through tickets).

If you have not organized shuttle as part of your hotel reservation, This service will cost you about $ 10 a Kuta and 12 to Sanur and Nusa Dua.


As you can imagine, Bali has a huge variety of accommodation. You can choose from a magnificent five-star resorts to simple huts in the jungle. You can choose to stay in Sanur (east coast) or in the region of Kuta / Seminyak (west coast). If you like flat water surface, then defined the orientirajte to Sanur or Nusa Dua, тъй като там има купища добри места за “;рисуване”; in the bays. If you are a surfer by nature and you want to ride the waves, Stay in Seminyak, where the waves are abundant.

Bali has a variety of accommodation from $ 10 to $ 2 000 per night depending on your budget. If you're a group of friends strongly recommend to rent a house. There are unique houses with swimming pool and patio, the price of 3 star hotel. My advice is to forget about Kuta, because there is something like a sunny beach on the island. Over one million scooters Zizas, izbolie of hotels and shops, and incessant urban sounds.

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Where to ride?

Вятър –; It comes from South-East and it is better to drive Sanur, where typically onshore with moderate force. As the wind passes through the drought is pressed and pootihva he reached in Sanur. The strongest wind is in Kuta, where offshore zone. Normal day at Sanur is about 14 knots wind, although it may be better, hence why they recommend large karcheta. Сила на вятъра в Seminyak до Canggu могат да бъдат 15 –; 20 knots in the better days. Beginners kaytisti better to adhere to the flat water lagoon in Sanur or Nusa Dua.


You can start in front of Hotel Sanur Beach and Rip Curl Kite School works there. note, there is a fee for use of their facilities. School of Hotel Bali Kitesurfing on the beach Kite, located just off the hotel strip. Better Location, because you have access to water even in large outflow. Sanur offers a really large area of ​​flat water and being perfectly place if you learn. If you came primarily on vacation and not wearing a kite gear, You can rent by the school for about $ 70 a day. Nearby there is a good kite shop if you need to buy a missing or damaged equipment. The owner keeps Jankie restaurant and small hotel if necessary.

Nusa Dua

So long strip of beaches, where they are located many of the 5-star resorts. Kayta is possible in the lagoon in the middle of high tide and it would be a good place to check if you have taken his wife and family.

There are interesting places for kite surfing in Nusa Dua, but in most cases it is only recommended for experienced kaytisti. The tide is critical on this side of the island, so make, you know what you are doing, to avoid staying outside reef, when dry.

Семинак –; dust

It is possible to fly from Bungy Tower on integrity coast to Canggu any time. On this side the wind is predominantly off-shore until you come to Canggu where it becomes side-shore. Here the surf can be quite a serious, so do not overestimate their skills. There are often strong and massive waves, which for advanced will be a unique experience, but if you still learn better stay on the other side in Sanur.

The best place for waves in front of Bar Ku de Ta, and to the Hotel Grand Balisani Suites. Canggu is the most consistent wave and full year pristvie enturazh, which makes him there. The beach is changing as more like Chaguanas, angle is narrowed and the wind and becomes more side. Best to avoid Echo Beach, since there will be Hawaiian surfers in the water, even when it's windy. Be wary of the reef in Canggu, when an outflow. This place is suitable for windsurfers, so do not be surprised if in the water. note, the wind drops about 16:00 hours and quickly became fast off-shore. Do not attempt to fly along the coast from Kuta and Bungy Tower in Seminayk, because it is too offshore.

Kite surf - goSurf
Kite surf –; goSurf

electricity, which most hotels used is 220 volts with a double-sided thin plug. Generally there is no difference with Bulgaria. Go and turn 🙂


The traffic in Bali is nothing like this in Evopa and there are no real rules. This is really congested and can take an hour, to travel 10 km, so stick to travel off-peak times, if you can. You'll find a variety of vehicles and drivers with limousines, taxis, motorchera, homemade, and hotel transfers. Most taxi work on standard rules and charged the distance traveled.

Bemos is a unique form of transport. These are passenger minivan or bus, which is disguised as a communal bus. They parked outside most hotels, so talk to the driver and to negotiate tariff, that suits you. You can get a driver and guide for the day for about $ 40. Motorcycles can be hired for $ 4-5 per day and is very fun to impel the local streets around the beach. Keep prevdiv, it is quite dangerous if you do not have experience with motorcycles, especially if you travel long distances. I recommend if you use it within a few kilometers and no busy streets. This year I met about 4 people, that are hired scooters and destroyed his trip due to injury. Traveling around the island. Bali is much easier, where X because you go you will find friendly people, who will give you advice or help without expecting payment.

Driving license

If you want to rent a car or motorbike, you must be over 18 years and have international driving license. Police likes to stop Westerners, to try to get fine (bribe), they do not have the required license or some strange traffic rules. If this happens, just negotiator fine and take the path. 50 RP 000 will usually reach. Watch them no waving more money in your wallet, Why would they want more.

The booklet, which will not have a problem issued by the Bulgarian Union of Motorists. Issued on site at around 20 lv.


Subtle, airy and casual clothes are the most practical and you will find, that natural fibers such as cotton or linen are the most convenient in the often damp conditions Bali.

Eating and drinking

After some time in Bali, много хора се оплакват от “;Бали коремче”; 🙂 abundance of goodies on the road and countless restaurants along the coast they make insatiable.

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gosurf back


The exchange rate this year is $ 1 = 13,500 IRD.

Timezone Bali GMT + 8 or 5 hours up to Bulgaria.

Credit cards are accepted in most hotels. The best way to get money is to use ATMs and make sure, that your card will work abroad, before you go. Avoid small exchange offices, because it is very likely to deceive you with great commission.

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