Deep in the jungle and close to the nature - surf in Sawarna, Indonesia

West Java, Sawarna, Indo 2014 Golive

Deep in the jungle and close to the nature - surf in Sawarna

/ July-August 2014 /

I want to thank my family and my friends for their support and, that they have always inspired me to do the things, I love and to be myself. This is for everyone, that over the years we were together and were able to share the coolest moments, whether in the mountains or the seas. I hope to have many more moments together and as it was mentioned in a movie to be "shared":

“Happiness is nothing if not shared” 🙂

For a long time I wanted to describe some of trips in an short and simple story, in a very casual style, even if there are typos, due to the fact, I do not want to overview the text and correct errors later. I spoke with many people (friends, distant acquittances ) before I left and everyone was super excited and inspired and told me, how it would be cool and they come, but as if something was on their way. Perhaps for some it was a well grounded reason, while for others not so , but everyone decides for him/herself which road to take. Perhaps I am favored by fate, to be the way I am and to have the opportunity to do things, I love.

Let me start by being. In the beginning, when the surf for me was catching foam Silistar, I listened to the stories of Stoil for their trip to Sawarna, West Java island and really I was very psyched. This is when and where I have promised myself, that one day I will go there. I had already done a surf trip to Indonesia, in Bali during the rainy season, but somehow I was NOT fascinated by the waves at this time of year. And, after a short organization decided, че в периода края на Юли –; early August 2014, would be perfect go visit West Java. След кратък разговор с Евлоги Бирбочуков “;Гошето”;, he was eager to join so now the ticket became two. Later that week, Pavkata, Gabi, Slavi and Radka were added in the list of travellers to Sawarna. Unfortunately, Radka cancelled at the last minute, but as they say, a blessing in disguise. I believe, that there are many more such trips ahead, so chances come and go. I talked to Chris, Marti and Stoil, people to whom I am very grateful for the information and advice. They had already been there, some even several times and their help was really useful. Thumbs up dudes!

West Java, Sawarna, Indo 2014 GOLIVE
Going to IBIZA 🙂

After a quick baggage check we were all in front of my office with the surfboards, bodyboards, cameras and a few t-shirts. After all we are travelling to a place where cloths are a burden . Walking around only in board shorts, naked and barefoot. The plan was to sleep over in Harmanli (just before the Turkish boarder) and from there move on. In Istanbul, everything was fine, after a flight accompanied by many movies and glasses of red wine we found ourselves in Kuala Lumpur. We live in a global world and Evlogi posted an image in the social network : “ Going to Ibiza”. Slavi and I were a bit loose after several hours without good sleep and were taking it easy just before entering the aircraft.

Оut of the frying pan into the fire

After а relatively short flight of 2 hours, We found ourselves already in Jakarta. A huge metropolitan city, which I had notoriety. So far so good, but tape storage from Kuala Lumpur, Our luggage was gone. Coming surfing, but we did not surf or bodyboard Fame. Bad luck, which led to a quarrel with a very helpful local official at the airport. He was very responsive, да ама багажа го няма…; He claimed, че ще дойде на 25-ти –; meaning one surfing day less. However, the positive thinking of Evlogi, we decided to wait for the next flight to arrive. And about an hour later, a pleasant surprise. Wow . Boards bags came on the next flight from Kuala Lumpur even though that the airport officer claimed earlier, that they are still in Istanbul. Or at least that is what I have understood :).

West Java, Sawarna, Indo 2014 GOLIVE
The luggage was found and started real trip


The next step was to find a taxi, to finally take us to Sawarna. I am not sure about the distance that we had to travel, but the time in the car was about 6-7 hours. Bargaining in this part of the world is everything so after a fierce negotiation we found a proper transport,5 million rupee. Something like 100 euros. We are 5 so it seemed a fair deal, Its not that expensive compared to Europe. It seems that local taxi travers do not drive with as much money per hour, as would their Bulgarian colleagues. We tied the surfboards on the roof and headed to the final destination. Nevertheless, we had to change money, because we had green cash (US dollars) only. For the first time I walked into a local bank and they told me, that the money exchange is possible after 12a.m.. Funny ah?!, но какво да правиш –; Cultural differences. Just to clarify, the sum to be exchanged was not colossal, therefore, фиксингът за следващия ден не би трябвало да има нещо общо…;. Както и да е –; after a short quarrel with some "lemon" (a term I use when the person does not what is he talking about but tries to look very competent), that the taxi driver called "Money Changer" and that after a few kilometers in awful traffic, we stopped at a normal bank. "Money-changer a" proved a finger in his mouth, nevertheless, continued smiling at us. However, and all local. In the bank, the employees were very polite, spoke English and after my greeting : "Selamat Siang" there is not way that we cannot exchange. With Pavkata changed money and then hard crossing a boulevard tegav we got back in the taxi. Up to this point we had not known whether the driver knows where we're going. It seems that he did not know either. He was constantly looking at a wrinkled piece of paper from his boss.

After a few hours in the car, we came across villages, where locals have not seen many white people. Tipping said, that traffic on the highway for Bogor is terrible and will pass on any Free riding roads in the mountains. Yes, but these unpopular roads proved to be endless, full of holes and some local thugs, who supposedly repair the road and under such pretext ask for money from passing cars. Apparently everyone is giving them something, the amounts were insignificant, but they were at least 10 blockades .

Thumbs up for Pavkata Kristov for the cool videos, that will always remind us of this charming place!

West Java, Sawarna, Indo 2014 GOLIVE
The driver, who struggled after 9 hours of sweaty ride took us to Sawarna. Let me notice, It was a Muslim and then fasted, so people do not eat anything or drink anything all day!

At one time we had earned about 6-7 hours in the car and tip us explaining that there are still 25 km. It seems he did not know where he was going and asking everyone where is Sawarna?. Soon later the 25 kilometers proved to be 60, The road was brutal with huge holes, But apparently he did not care much and flying with the company car with high speed. He claimed, that car was not stable on fifth gear, therefore all the time he was driving with the arrow in red zone of the tachometer. Does he care?, the car was not his, something in common with Bulgarian drivers. Unfortunately, the sound from the engine was very annoying and listening it for 8 hours, our heads were going to explode. Not to mention, the surfboards were constantly whistling from the wind, because the car did not have a rack so we tied them directly on the roof. The belts were like a string of a bow, stretched to terror. Естествено аз бях в стрес сърфовете да не паднат…; what will we surf then?

home sweet, home

After 8 hours of nightmare we finally arrive in Sawarna, Banten province, West Java. We were met by host, young Indonesian named Andri or something of the sort and some of his buddies, who never understood them. because we saw, how much money he received a tip from his boss for the trip to Savary, We decided to kihnem some 100 000 rupees. Man was very grateful and told me to call him and to return. his boss, му даде някакви си смешни 50 000 рупии –; $ 4 something. And indeed this is broken by driving, not to mention that he offered to stay, and he said,, it should be returned to Jakarta. full horror, the poor man.

West Java, Sawarna, Indo 2014 Golive
View from porch
West Java, Sawarna, Indo 2014 Golive
Handedly mounted mosquito. Deep sleep is important for good surfing

On 25th it was our first day, that drove. pleasant waves, prognostics 5-7 feet. With glory and entered Evlogy. It was fun, a kind of a warm up. So far so good, but the next day the waves were already Monsters, He had a series of more than 9 feet. The situation was survival, Never in my life have I seen such mountains water. Just I thought not catch me largest set and rowed like crazy inside. In the water were just me, Слави и някакъв австралиец –; Robbie, he subsequently became our friend. Pavkata filming, Fame caught freaky waves, I stayed capo. Full spec. Just, I confess I was afraid and decided not to test more second day. Slavi Mihaylovski trying to tame the power of the ocean

The next day there was no change, the waves were monsters, We were just me and Fame, Pavkata filming, but Robbie was not there and the situation was a little out of control. Bulgarians like we have not seen many such waves and survival. Slavi again caught some crazy waves and I decided to test. I tested one, but brutally trampled. Underwater so me roll, I did not know what was happening, I could hardly get out and hit the second of the set, Come again under water! The situation began spinning out of control and at one point thought, that will drown. Horror, very bad, I managed to emerge with a last effort I could scooped in a moment of terror and panic. I was not in the impact zone and could not breathe calmly. By the end of the session only I watched miserably and went to the child peak, where quarreling local, Wandee and a friend.

West Java, Sawarna, Indo 2014 Golive
Slavi Mihaylovski trying to tame the power of the ocean.
West Java, Sawarna, Indo 2014 Golive
In moments like these, realize how insignificant man to nature. However, We found a way to yahnem wave and find time together.

Wandee is the meat savior, with blond hair, as he called himself a joke Savarin Playboy. Wandee was one of the few, who knew little English, but only he knew what he was saying. Difficult it along, but it was good and smiling, maybe a little crazy, but could not understand his words. From what Australian Robbie told us, Wandee was very poor boy, which has a huge family and a very nice sister. Well we never saw her. Истински син на плажа и морето на който реших да подаря един лиш…; Малко се отпуснах в лирически отклонения…; So I took some small waves and left low-spirited. However this serious Hold Down gave me lots of information and made me think seriously. Surfing in Indonesia had nothing to do with places, which was driven far, and I dare say, they are not less.

West Java, Sawarna, Indo 2014 Golive
Emotion is max

Really now I understand why it is the dream of every surfer to go to Indonesia. Surf was always morning, from noon onwards blowing so-called "Trade Winds" and fucked waves. So we had to think of something, we went to a cave, where local guys deep in the bowels of the earth smoked grass, ha-ha. to explain, that Indonesia is the largest Muslim country and there is a death sentence for drugs. Sherry is in full force here. In some Provincial more than others. In this line of thinking imams sang every day and quite advanced with their religious and Arabic greetings to Allah. Quite often I would wake up at night voiced in praise of Imam and "Alah Akbar". In general Suvari was quite sweaty place, where we, Robbie and several franseta right place quite colorfully. We were the only white and were the main attraction. A day at least 30 times any local wanted to be photographed with us. At one point, "Mr.", "Sir" and any similar references, they are tired.


West Java, Sawarna, Indo 2014 Golive
Slavi died of fun.

After several days of spots of Savary, We decided to go to ride a wave tubesta called "No name". We hired a fishing boat with fishermen I, Slavi, Pavkata, Gabi and Robbie lit there. Evlogi and Wandee went into a mega traffic jam to another spot about 20 km from us. I traveled in the boat and I thought what is the wave. I was quite worried given the experience of past days. Otivane on video, fishermen park boat in the channel and see the wave. Horrible huge tube, which brutally bangs and hear brutal roar. Holly shit, I started to feel that weird feeling in your stomach. The waves were huge, Robbie Fame rent, and they caught many waves. I caught only three for the whole session, but I dare say, one of them was the greatest in my life. I was in complete weightlessness of a huge wall and heard the whistle of my board. He boasts beat lightly on the reef and skinned in a Duck Dive. But overall it was bearable.

We spot a lot of us izkefi and decided to go there again, Pavkata, Gabi and Gosho did not come. Pavkata could not shoot because fishermen did not dare to put the boat closer to the waves, so as not to suck big sets. He had a horror. Gaby catch seasickness and assess, it is better to stay on the coast :). Gosho decided to test the spot which had gone, but this time with Pavkata in combination. Do not go into details, movie with their return was total, after brutally waiting in traffic jams and Similar ridge. Just remember, that the road was blocked by thousands of motorcyclists and over them sticking Evlogiev head, a true giant Bulgarian. bulgar, bulgar :). Great respect for Evlogy-Gosho for the courage to ride a scooter in brutal traffic after having never driven after almost crashed booth of a local traveling, HAH. All this stalpnovenie of people was because of the end of Ramadan and the feast Mubarak them or something.

West Java, Sawarna, Indo 2014 GOLIVE
The results of Ramadan. In this almost forgotten village and the bridge, because another beach access will, passed hundreds of thousands of people within a week.

For the second time not on video. I was a little better prepared and know what awaits me. We went in the water and I dare say, it was one of my best surfing day in the life, with the largest and tegavi waves that have driven. Unfortunately Fame caught many goyama wave and was subsequently caught by another wave of sets, who crushed the reef. Reef left him quite tegava tattoo and was forced to discontinue surf deysnost for a few days. Spot was super steep wave with a huge wall, that seemingly closes, but it stands and can drive. Bustard is critical and it is desirable not to fall. Knack is not to be too greedy and let the wave before INSIDE, for there is bad. Super shallow and cutting, razor reef, who does not forgive. Unfortunately Fame feel it in your back, this time very seriously. On the way back I was crushed session and slept in the boat under the scorching sun, my mouth was cracked because I did not have much water and then I thought about shipwreck. You should really have a big heart, spirit and desire for life, to survive. The sun was at its peak, warmed brutally, my whole face and lips were dry. To top it all, We had to raise the boat along and it was quite pumping task. Sweat flowed from me and I felt like one of the slaves on ships once. With great effort lifted the boat. We returned to the site, where we slept and had to operate Fame. I was a doctor, Gabi nurse. Washed wounds, he shouted stable and then smeared it with some medicine, which brought Robbie. Then we had to move, because it was the end of Ramadan and Andre had promised our rooms to other guests. We found a place with much better food and cheaper. The owner of the place Mom Uidi turned out wonderful and very good woman, that we like. The food at her was very good unlike food at Andri. It was beneath criticism. slightly, uniform and insufficient. Slimmed steadily from nasty food and the constant perspiration.

West Java, Sawarna, Indo 2014 Golive
Late surf session at sunset
West Java, Sawarna, Indo 2014 Golive
phenomenal sunsets

After a little bit Surfing rows uredyavaha (Evlogi split his legs on a log in the evening the same day) I just stayed :). I became more while everyone slept and went to spots. The water was Robbie and any other Australian Chichen. I caught a lot of waves and super liked it a lot. I felt stable and adequate, again there were big waves, but somehow I knew what was happening and how. It was super cool session. Finally I caught a wave and almost become big trouble, because I drove super long despite falling Tide. At one point she hung up I fell and I found myself on the reef in water up to your knees. Fortunately escaped with a slight cut left leg, which then disinfected with yodasept and glued with Duck tape. Niki Tanera told me, Backa that very well. May also 🙂

watch and visit the guys at Ogi Nachev fly in Wild, where they tell about their journey.

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