Зимен сърф –; Asprovalta, Greece

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(Част 1 –; 11.02.17)

The first winter surf trip this year. Overall, it can be the last, winter thrips are not as frequent or rather we do not walk much winter forecasts for terms and low enthusiasm. In this regard, the water in the Black Sea e chilly and decided to see how it will develop the forecast in Greece Asprovalta. The location is near, we have already risen several times. We know where you sleep, What to eat, and where are the best surf metsentsa.

On the way to Greece
On the way to Greece

It takes 4:30 hours to get to the house of our Greek Mom. Dear family, which greets us with beer and halva. Accommodated us in haladilnik. Apparently here, both in the Black Sea, winter everything barricaded himself and becomes like a movie with zombies. Eat slowly and calmly in the only open tavern. Super nice Greek dishes. fresh olives, peeled eggplant with spices, The regular Greek and yoghurt salad. The fish also mandatory. at all, great feast and barely leaving the table. well, we have all night to digest food.

Greek feast
Greek feast

7:00 am. Todor not stand! As if all evening stood watch over and patiently waited to strike the hour for surfing. As impatient toddler, which was bought by new warm bread and can not or does not want to wait until home, to bite the corner of.

Now, в който чува звънеца той скача като войник и се провиква “;Is there a surfers?;, с едно око аз му отговарям “;Има само креватни сърфисти”;There, a few minutes later, Morning everyone performed his procedure loaded the car and go in search of waves.

The weather is calm. chilly. +4 degrees, a soft breeze and great sunrise. For months I had not seen the sunrise over water. I missed you.

Winter Surf 11.02.2017
Популярният спорт “;Дървото”;

Going directly to the Tree, popular surf spot in the area. There seems to mellow, even too little, to go. The waves are arranged, but with very little time and without force. sets are, but for larger boards. Call center work with full force and reported the conditions of 2-3 positions in the region. Receive important information from Alexis. Compared conditions an appropriate spot for riding on the beach Olympics. Alexis wait, which comes from Thessaloniki and go check it out. Twenty kilometers Athos sleeve. The wind has already poutihnal and have gathered a few Surf cars with brave souls in the water. The temperature is 13 degrees and the water 6 air. You really need to overcome, some comforts of home, to be here and to be able to enjoy the surroundings.

The sea greeted us with waves waist, walking in different directions, but predominantly right. The period is small and the walls are short. Generally, to ride should rather be giving away. Something like a younger brother typical Silistar, the highway.

Keep waves tose
Keep waves, Tose!

However, Enthusiasm is a person and we're all ready to go and try, What offer sea. Todor Boyadzhiev prepares its new board. pink, Pink Laois, with pink rope for Laois, pink wax. You can not miss it in the water! All his kefim.

The boys are willing Bobby, avercheto Bobby and Toshko. Me and Paul Kristov chilvame a little, that until before 20 minutes. We were in the water.

The view is great. The sound of breaking waves, pleasant cries of successfully caught a wave, smiles on red from the cold water entities, the warm rays of the sun and flying gulls. Feelings, who will never experience if you stay home on the couch and watch the usual channels, even if they are Discovery. You should be there, to feel the elements and feel the call of nature. Even if you can not surf. The mere presence they charged and gave a new impulse to live.!!!

Breaking chilled limbs in hot springs. completely free.
Breaking chilled limbs in hot springs. completely free.

There comes a time, to decide whether we remain tomorrow. After a brief analysis of the forecast we decide to give the warm mineral springs in the area and then to the mountain. May there will be fun, given weak waves and strong winds.

Sunday will be a day of skiing. (в част 2 –; 12.02.2017)

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