godive Malpelo Columbia

Diving safari in Colombia - GoDive ";Malpelo";

Diving in Malpani - Our personal favorite! Island (the tip of an underwater mountain) It rises from the water in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. div, unpredictable, and it's intriguing Malpani. Considered the best destinations for diving with sharks on the planet.  ;
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Malpelo, Colombia
7-17 Oct. 2019
godive Cuba

CUBA - Gardens of the Queen - GoDive ";Cuba";

Cuba is CUBA! economically poor, but culturally rich; apparently exaggerated, but architecturally magnificent; sinful, yet strangely excite. The Cuban capital has never had artistic qualities, but the majority of small private galleries, fresh interest in the unusual street
Gardens of the Queen, Cuba, Havana

Experience. Bali and learn to SURF

The best way to get to know Bali and learn to surf. Only 385 euros / week o.Bali very thought makes us think of RAI. Bali is more than just another destination turisticheksa; He is an inspiration and
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Indonesia, isl.. Bali
Maldives Princess - golive

Sailing and Diving Safari - GoDive ";Maldives";

Diving and Sailing luxury yacht around the Maldives the perfect combination of a fascinating adventure, diving holiday. You can see the beautiful islands of the Maldives and nasaladite unforgettable underwater pictures around the best reefs in the Indian Ocean. Relax
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Asia, Maldives