Гмуркане на края на света –; GoDive Malpelo, Colombia

godive Malpelo Columbia

Columbia Pacific Frontir - Malpelo island

Perhaps the most extreme tourist destination


Гмуркане в Малпело –; Our personal favorite! Malpelo island (the tip of an underwater mountain) It rises from the water in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. div, unpredictable, and it's intriguing Malpani.

Considered the best destinations for diving with sharks on the planet, large passages and underwater caves / kanyoni.Myastoto is so remote and ekskluchivno, that only three boats and a catamaran entitled to attend. this, What makes diving Malpani especially nice, it is the fact, that at any given time only one boat has the right to stay. VIZ. you and the whole ocean!!

Island Malpani classified Sanguarya (Wildlife Sanctuary) Colombian national parks and has the status of a UNESCO World Heritage. The island is uninhabited, there is only a small military staff, located on the north side of the island.

It is located approximately 500 km from the Colombian Pacific port city of Buenaventura or Panameniyskoto Pacific coast.


Malpani is part of a rocky ridge with a length of 300 km, which in turn belongs to underwater mountain chain in the Pacific. Of 300 sea miles west of the Colombian bryah, островът “;Исла де Малпело”; arises like a sponge from the water surface and rises more than 300 meters into the sky. Its length is approximately 1600 meters and a width of 700 m.

godive Malpelo Columbia
godive Malpelo Columbia


Except for a small military post, it is uninhabitable. It is an oasis of life for local and migratory species, and also Malpani National Park is the largest non-fishing zone in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. To protect this sanctuary, a charge of 37 USD per day per diver. In 2006. the island was declared a site of UNESCO as a World Heritage.

National Park Malpani It has a protected area of ​​9584 km2, 383 r fish, 15 species of corals, 110 types of echinoderms, 340 species of molluscs, 267 species of crustaceans, 18 mammals, several endemic species of terrestrial flora 7, 9 species of reptiles (land and sea) 60 species of birds reported, that many of them are migratory.


Malpani destination for experienced divers. Its various ocean currents can change quickly and can create very difficult conditions. All divers must be certified Open Water Diver (or equivalent) and at least 50 dives in diaries.

Each diver will be equipped with personal locator buoy and during all dives. To reduce the risk of decompression and nitrogen narcosis, will be used often NITROX, which requires additional certification, to use.

godive Malpelo Columbia
godive Malpelo Columbia


godive Malpelo Columbia
godive Malpelo Columbia

It is difficult to talk about seasons Malpani, but these are trends:

The cold water season is the time between the end of December to April, surface temperature is from 23 to 26 degrees Celsius, and in the thermocline often fall to 13/14 degrees Celsius. Strong northerly winds can cause difficult conditions for diving. Good time to hammer sharks in shallow waters and monitoring of small-tooth shark (Odontaspis ferox).

period the hot water in Malpani is from May to November. 28 ° C surface temperature of thermocline between 18-30 meters where temperatures drop to 23/24 degrees Celsius. Usually calmer waters, than during the cold season. May to August is the time for numerous silky sharks and May to October Kutovo Sharks.

Shark Malpani

godive Malpelo Columbia
godive Malpelo Columbia

The island and its offshore rocks are surrounded by deep water. It and its various ocean currents make Malpani ideal for extremely rich shark populations. destination, which offers diving twelve months and all of them are spectacular with an abundance of marine life.

In almost every dive can be observed hammers sharks, from single individuals to huge schools. Based on the most comments, most hammer sharks can be seen in the southern part of the island.

Often we can see massive migration by lowering the temperature of the water, most often in Demekvri. During cold season they tend to swim in the shallow waters.

Fantachtichno event throughout the year huge shoals на “;Мullet Снапър”; и Big Eye Jacks, and Bait Balls made another startling show.

Galapagos sharks are found either as single animals, or swim in groups of 12 animals over the seabed. They are common places for diving in December Altar Virginia, bride, The Three Musketeers and between Gringo and Scuba.

silky sharks, mainly women, gather each year in more or less large groups of several tens of thousands of copies around the island Malpani. This is undoubtedly one of the most important moments of this diving destination. You never know whether you will see them, unless there. Predictions are not possible. We saw them in the last few years, especially between May and July, sometimes until October.

corner sharks are regularly monitored between May and September, sometimes remain until November. Huge sharks can be encountered at this time, especially in a place called Acuario. They feed on excrement in huge schools of snappers.

Less-toothy sand Aluk or uneven tail tooth shark (odontapsis ferox) usually live in deeper waters. this prehistoric shark She likes cold water, so usually during the warm season they are inaccessible to normal depth for diving. In cold weather you have the best chances to watch this shark in 30-40 meters near Monster Reef.

Dive sites on the island. Malpelo

Malpelo Island has 30 diving sites, located around the whole island.

Liveaboard diving concentrate usually in several areas, where is concentrated most underwater activities.

godive Malpelo Columbia
godive Malpelo Columbia

Основните –; the most important places for diving are Malpani:

Arreffes (Virginia altar December)

Located in the north of Malpani, dive on wall It offers the best preserved coral reef island, if conditions allow, They are performed most frequently dive-checks. From January to March due to strong northerly winds dive at this site may be limited. It offers diving depths from 7 to 32 meters with some of the best cleaning stations Hammerhead coral gardens of 7-15 meters. Between Arrecifes and Cara de Fantasma find familiar passages of Tihiokeanska Barracuda. This place attracts large shoals of Leather Bass Groupers and Bluefin Trevally. sharks hammer, shark Galapagos and Eagle Ray (Eagles rays) They are part of the standard program of this place.

Fridge (fridge)

probably most popular site Diving in Malpani. Located west, just before the southern end of the island. 40-meter deep slope, equipped with large stones and best cleaning stations of hammerhead sharks with a depth of 12 to 35 m. You will experience the most action-packed dives Malpani. Silky sharks and hammer often in spectacular explosion, Kutovo patrolling sharks, eagle rays and large, magnificent Galapagos sharks, and sometimes all of them together make an underwater dance hypnotized before divers. When you move into the blue at the end of the dive, sometimes local family dolphins you cross the road from curiosity.


Basin with a round shape with a diameter of about 30 meters, the upper reef starts at 25 meters and reaches the edge of the 35 m. Located south of the 3 Musketeers on the west side of Malpani. Since Acuario is exposed to drafts, descent is usually done with a rope. In the deeper sections of 30 meters below the surface is covered with a beautiful white anemones. Acuario can always surprise you, тук могат да се наблюдават най-големите пасажи от Mullet Snapper –; big black cloud of fish. From time to time hammerhead sharks, which hang in this place for intensive cleaning. Silky sharks also like to orbit Acuario, near the surface.

La Gringa

The largest peak (pinnacle), exiting the water Malpani, It is located on the south side. Gringa provides a beautiful swimming pool, starting from 32 meters depth and reach the surface.
The outside of the Gringa offers an interesting rocky landscape about 30 meters deep and here you can see the biggest passages hammerhead shark Hammerhead in Malpani. During the season silk carpet sharks form of hundreds of fish close to the surface.

Hardware store (hardware)

At the open (Opened) dive site, located on the south side of Malpani. The depth ranges between 18 and 35 meters. Ferreteria not the best place for hammerhead sharks Hammerhead, but always has something to offer. whale sharks often hang Silky Sharks also appear regularly. The special thing about Ferreteria is incredible density of fish and the largest accumulations of spotted eels (Moray Eals) in the clefts of the rock, popular photographic subject for Malpani!

godive Malpelo Columbia
godive Malpelo Columbia

Three Musketeers

This 3 majestic rocks icon Malpani. When the currents are soft, this is a great place to find huge schools of jacks with big eyes (Big Eyed Jackfish), big sharks and Galapagos sharks lot Silk. Kutovo sharks are regularly monitored south. Porthos average scale offers a beautiful swimming pool, called Cathedral. On the southeast side has a long cliff, наречена д’;Artanyan, offering deeper dive. The depth varies from 22 to 35 m

godive Malpelo Columbia
godive Malpelo Columbia

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