Дайвинг на Малдивите –; Great vegetarian

Maldives 2016 | Golive

Encounter with the largest known species

Excitement has invaded my mind. From the beginning while discussing where to go with the boat, if Safari is a profile of the south or north. So one of our guides snatched idea, that we may see whale shark. Some of us had already had a meeting with this huge vegetarian, but I and most other adventurers longed for this meeting. meeting, which was unexpected and unplanned.

On a daily briefings from the guide mentioned, Tomorrow will dive very early, to enable the afternoon to travel four hours in search of whale shark. Apparently they keep in contact with other safari boats where inform who did what he saw among the hundreds of atolls. So the hunt began. I say hunting, because with the approach of the appointed place, They began to appear polygamy small and large yachts on the horizon. There was euphoria. Feels tension in vazdiha. I held direct communication with the guide to what's happening. Where is best to stay. How to help. I ran from deck to deck to inform others and look for the big vegetarian.


Suddenly I heard an enthusiastic voice on the radio and the guide jumped. I saw her. Prepare to stern everyone to take a mask and flippers. You'll meet a whale shark. Frantically running. Everyone is looking for something and looking left and back. Me and Nikki were ready first and settled in breast milk in anticipation of our new acquaintance. Put some flippers and masks licked.

Maldives 2016 | Golive
Getting ready for the next best dive

The boat moves quickly. It seems, It sharks moves and obviously CE dive into the depths and then appeared surprisingly. But no one can predict where will the next place, where it will come up close to the surface. So high and fast boats shunter at the moment in which someone giant locate all rush around like in a cartoon. So probably 30 minutes touring. Someone already supplied, diff. We Nikki sit and reflect what it is to see such a large animal underwater. How will it react. And we?

-Are you ready? Cried captain.

-All the lower deck and ready to ramp back.

You must be very fast, before it can dive!

Jump of movement in something like soup divers. There are 3/4 boats in the area and many other divers, who want to catch a glimpse of the animal.

It takes a few seconds to orient and begin searching vegetarian. You know how when you are looking for any item you set mental pictures (templates) head color and shape characteristic of the object. So likewise looking animal looking down left right up expecting to map its contours. And nothing.

I am trying to figure out where he is or where it was a minute ago, by watching others swim and where to watch. Suddenly something in me shuffling. Perhaps 10-15 meters. Apparently away and down a deep. Spinning apnea hoping to see it up close and somehow feel it, but sip my air is not sufficient given situation. And hop, already lost sight of the blue abyss. I was very impressed with everything happened very quickly and I did not feel his presence. Somehow it was far, like going on TV.

We left the water. A little disappointed. I expected this meeting to be more durable and more fascinating, but eventually the ocean is a huge space and the fact, we meet is important.

As we boarded the boat, the guide surprises us with a reply:

-can you're lucky to dive with whale sharks.

-oblichayte all equipment and put the bottles, because it will soon reappear on the surface.

Face to face

And here at. Shortly after equipping we see the dark shadow of the great vegetarian. Finally a real Dating. We managed to swim over 20 minutes with our new friend. Huge animal moves slowly and calmly as if all undisturbed by our presence. Lets you get closer eye to eye with him and feel his majestic presence.

Maldives 2016 | Golive
Whale Shark Selfie 🙂
Our diving guide took this amazing picture. Thank you May Sun for the amazing memory.

But notice, My eyes are a little lifeless and sad. I do not know if you impress, but I remember very clearly the moment when a zoo stared into the eyes of a gorilla. As if watching human eyes, also return the gaze and see how the some thought behind them. While in this case rather reminds me of cow eyes. somehow lifeless.

Now, which came divers and other boats, became crowded. There were more than 30 divers. Everywhere hear sounds from computers, since depth is constantly changing sharply. 10 5 15 3 meters and all apparently ignoring signals just to be closer to shark.

DIving Safari Maldives 2016 - GOLIVE
Whale Shark. Baby 7 m

At one time I thought, maybe we stew and prevent him from eating. Surrounded on all sides, shark seemed to feel in a cage and see how trying to break the living chain. For a moment I thought:

; why not just dive into the depths and be purged from these pesky parasites?

And maybe it is curious to us and then we'll tell their friends as I now tell you.

misunderstood reality

An interesting thing is nature and life. Here such meetings and events make me feel alive. To rejoice and am grateful for these moments. И се опитвам да разбера хората, които вместо да пътуват и да разширяват мирогледа си, се стремят да си купят по-нова кола и друга вещ, не защото имат нужда а защото просто ей така да си начешат егото и в повечето случай не го правят за себе си, а за другите. А пък другите като си кажат ах гледай този колко е готин виж какви вещи си е купил. Странна и неразбрана работа.

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