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Diving Safari - maldives 2016 GOLIVE

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Diving Safari Malivite

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This dive will never forget it. Even my weird, how much time has passed since then and I'm not wrote two lines about. The most emotional I dive! There is nothing to deceive, Make your Nasri is fear. We stand his yacht and share their stories, most associated with the underwater world. And, I do not remember, who, but one of the group asked, whether there will be diving with sharks and that night. And began telling some "mumbo not boiling" or so it seemed to me then. I listen to dozens of sharks, surrounding them from all sides. Waiting for something to eat. How did they go so close, that quite touching. And their internal call. ;Abe, before seen shark, ама чак пък да са десетки и то да са толкова близо до теб и да си обикалят просто ей така.”; Something I do not think. These are not sheep. And, somehow I decided to ignore the whole story.

Near the site, where we will dive evening

And what happened: comes to, evening of night diving with sharks. We get the dongito. The guides explain, What's the plan and how we enter into the water, We must stand at the bottom, in a circle and be calm. Overall nothing special. your trip, as always stop and one atoll, near a pier with underwater lighting. While preparing, аз поглеждам към водата и какво да видя –; shark! And golemichka, can be 1.5-2 m. Ahh another.. one left, one to the right.. Suddenly, накъдето и да се обърна –; sharks! ;Abe what's going on here?; ; Something begin to meditate..

I look at other brave souls. Some laugh, other holding hands, Third prepare your equipment, but generally calm me look.

While whine and wonder, here we will dive, others began to jump in the water. But how come?! They jump straight to the head of Sharks. These are crazy! And expect, as brutal as it sounds.. Water is stained in red. Yes, but nothing like this happens.. all jump, but I am on the boat. Пооглеждам се малко –; what to do?

Face to face with nurse shark

all Entries, I just know not to jump!? I'm a "Rambo". Although, that my inner voice said, that's crazy, I found the hole from the sharks and the people and jumped. I have not dipped his head and began to invade thoughts in my head. I shine my flashlight.. ;Horror, ми той е много малък..”; Flashed here - shark.. flashed there - Shark. ;Well, what is the other places where I can not sanctify?; ;Well behind me?; ; Better not to think, You'll have to go crazy.


I began to descend to the bottom, trying to keep distance from everything. As I say, so obviously I'm scared, I just I wanted to be isolated in a glass box, that hem to be there, Ham can not anything to get close to me.


I continue to descend with the group and begin to look for a place on the bottom. no circles, no arrangement. Everyone saves. He began to lift sand from the bottom. Fins are blowing everywhere. Sharks pass in front, behind, above, below.. They look like warplanes invaded sky. Imagine darkness, some weak flashlights, where there is light, there are sharks and humans and general massacre.


Diving Safari - maldives 2016 GOLIVEI found a rock and decided to sit at the foot and back, so be sure, what's going on behind me. And I started to watch. Probably 10-15 minutes I just stood. I look and do not believe your eyes. At one time he got a laugh. Then I started thinking, all sorts of bad scenarios. It's like preparing for something. While I stood there the driver started to make my characters with flashlight. Обръщам се и какво да видя –; a zebrafish (poison) knob is past me. Not good this job. But I know, What beasts waiting for me in front. Let her stay here, She fish will go away. Bray look forward.. гледам назад –; this fish has to stay there. I started to chase with fin, so little to calm. I pushed it, and while you after watching another not crept. Apparently this place is no longer safe. I gathered courage and raised from the bottom. What to see, a thick wooden beam about a meter long. I immediately came to mind to be grabbed and protect her from sharks.

Tamer sharks. Thanks to our guide Photo!

Honestly tell you, well, it was this post. The moment you grabbed it, I felt immortal. Gone is this fear of sharks. I began boldly to travel and have fun with them.

And you know that?

Now tell you about nurse shark. Telling this story, I saved you what this type of shark. My reactions are entirely kept it clean instincts and information based on documentary and Non-documentary films. Nurse shark predator, but not for people. It turns out, that their mouth is very narrow and teeth, although sharp, They are very deep in mouth. Therefore it would be very difficult even under aggressive led this type of sharks to bite you. saying that, I in seizures of fear in the first 10-15 minutes I was squirming all limbs, Though I was thinking how to protect your ears.Diving Safari - maldives 2016 GOLIVE

Usually these sharks are safe for people and if you do not braknesh mouth, no chance of being bitten. In this regard, to tell you about our chef: The cook of the boat, Asian origin and slanted eyes, He wanted to dive with us. Apparently he had not swum with sharks and it was interesting. So he dives, with shorts and T-shirts and began to swim. While looking for a place, a shark began to circle, but not like in the movies of 4-5 meters, but directly to strangle him. Once pass, the second time it pushes and the third time if it bites. She stuck him with the muzzle and started like it pushes. More 1-2 sharks came from countries looked scary. Actually what happens? our boy, for dinner, Fish is cooked. And since decided to dive with the same clothes, which was preparing dinner, the smell of fish attract sharks. E, fortunately nothing serious and these sharks are not dangerous to humans. Now he is a memorial smuchka and instructive story to tell.

Diving Safari - maldives 2016 GOLIVE
Sharks are so close, You could easily touch them and feel their thick skin and muscular bodies.

All this diving seemed endless. So many emotions and it still new to me. At first I was convinced, I would never come out of there alive. Then I started to play with sharks. To nudge them, to fondle, to photograph them. Of course, I always had a mind. However, they are predators and I am in their home. And despite, they can not bite me, they are very large and are, so thoughtless reactions and actions are not recommended.

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