Diving the Great Barrier Reef

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first shark, first night dive, first dive at sunrise or just - life boat

GoDive - The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef

This is the largest coral system in the world. In fact, so great, that is the only living organism, visible from space.

This miracle of nature is composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands, extending more than 2600 km, a total area of ​​about 344,400 square. km. Extremely impressive is his age, which according to the skill in the whole 18 million years.

Great-Barrier-Reef-Photo-From-Space - GOLIVE

The location of the safari – Norman reef, located about 80 km from Cairns, Northeastern Australia. The plan is 12 daiva for three days = diving from morning to night!

First meeting with the ocean

The meeting was early in the morning. The driver of the van, gathering all the adventure was super happy how all time this time (apparently, that was not typical), ie. all ranks and looks wonderful from the start. It was not long before we had built boat, which is to take us to our refuge for the next 3 days. Loaded and started preparations for two daiva, which were provided for the "journey". First dive in the ocean.

My mind was prepared for the many colors, due to the thousands of photos, I had considered for this place. The water around the coast was quite gray-brown. Тогава си помислих …; this is one of those exaggerated descriptions - colors, birds and everything is top, but the reality is somewhat different! We started going deeper, and land to walk away. The water started to become slightly blue hope in me woke up again! all black and blue. There was time to walk and I in these oceanic beauties. And dive! From long ago I had not felt that feeling of freedom and weightlessness (in the northern hemisphere winter it was at an end)! I love go! each, that the water feels at home knows what I'm talking 😊

Безтегловност и мехури …;

infinitely chilly, always freezing - I felt wonderful temperature of 27 ° , unfortunately only on the surface. But it seemed, that will not do pie regulator, as a result of trembling jaw. And the best part - I'd probably be able to participate in all 12 of the planned daiva.



Царят на подводното спкойствие –; Mouse (Sharky)

The organization was very good - as barracks, but good! After the first two daiva time came to move us in the ocean hotel 😊 whole team looked after all to be happy and to feel good (very important part of the whole story). We met with the next place, where it would also be my first night dive. get excited! Everyone was talking about sharks and how much they want to meet with them. I felt, that only I prayed not to see or at least wants to be close. But somehow in my mind I began to convene, that once all want it so much - perhaps not so scary, as I imagined. After the third dive of the day sightseeing I was equipped with all the insulation from cold gear, that I can put on yourself.

forever wheezing, but I'm used to.. if someone somewhere is cold, then it probably is me!

competition Mishu 🙂
competition flight
the pompous Mr. 🙂

The boat offers something, for I had not heard - Bio Fluorescent Diving. The pictures seemed magical! They supplied with fluorescent lamp, filter mask and filter chamber (I was very pleased, I bought her underwater camera specifically for this adventure). Lit by fluorescent light coral glow in a way, which can not be seen with the naked eye. They look like alien creatures. I said "Yes"!

Evolution of consciousness

The sunset was very beautiful! Started getting dark and approaching the hour 😊 crew threw food around the boat, to collect ocean comrades nearby. They came and sharks! Here then comes my hour! All enjoyed and look forward to the time came to jump. Most inspired lay the platform, from that jumps, to watch them closely. They advised us not to enter shhorhelirame, защото те хвърлят храна …; and, that would bite, а просто може да те цъкнат леко хаха…;. E, I decided to - I'll just shoot, so anyway probably would have froze (perfect excuse, which is important both to myself, and to the whole world) 😊

May Not the smallest those akulki

It was time to metnem at those cute little akulchitsi. I was in a state - scared, but I know, if I do not do it, will regret!

This actually were reef sharks - White tip reef sharks. Reach a length of up to about 1,6 pm. Nothing scary - just the word shark strikes fear in the human mind, which is full of negative and frightening information on the topic.



akulomaniatsite enjoy the view close, I just shoot from a safe razstoyanie

FROMpigsty! Everything was super quiet. I said - well, I do not give up 😊 It was one of those things, that look just terrible, because you are not doing them!

Luminary with lanterns, but the way in which corals responded to this light was very magical and beautiful! Unfortunately my camera was not much opportunity to portray this, which was actually. But ahead I plan on.


unreal creatures

E, first night dive had 5 out of 5 stars in my archive! 😊

Day One - 4 daiva; Pacific blue; many colors and critters, I had not seen; first encounter with a shark - afar (as I had ordered).

Go to bed like a child's swing, very nice sleep, if you seasick. Everything rocked, and the narrow corridors is impossible to walk in a straight line. actually well, that are close, for not being able to fly very far.

I saw a shark! Maybe they saw me, but if my application was heard!

Already I started thinking if they really want to see?! It was very interesting how the mind, adopting little by little an idea, begins to refract! 😊

Magic of morning

Tapping on the door, 5 o'clock:45 am. I think how nice and warm in bed, just thinking about water prick all. Consciousness begins to work - something, което не си опитвала те чака…; Arise ! Добре дееее …; After 15 minutes all were built before the rally point, began merging the energy of all those enthusiasts! They all sleep, but a general idea we kicked by so comfortable cot. And hop in the water - probably one of the easiest and most beautiful way to wake and wash your eyes! It is very beautiful! Hang out on the surface and what to see - sunrise! As for beauty, happiness and start the day! You're hungry, because the water took her first dose of energy from your body poluspyashtoto. Eat breakfast and around the corner waiting for the next dive. The bottles are filled, and crew tarchi, to prepare all smile and feel comfortable.

И така дайв след дайв…;

;.. tropical humid air, zhegichka rainbow overboard!

voda..voda and only water + a rainbow 🙂

Изненадаааааа …; flooded my "underwater" camera ! At first I felt sick (under the water), but slowly I got used to the idea and decided to enjoy daiva, even what may! I hope at least your photos, I had done until now to keep.

Be careful what you wish for

After four days of Daiwa's time for night. Sharks again were all around the boat. The difference was my attitude! I was accustomed, they were there and wanted to see them more closely. Thus it happened. Be careful what you wish for, because you'll probably come true! We jumped in the water, you feel like a normal environment from land, during the fifth dive of the day.

SHARK! Я колко е спокойна и не се интересува от мен …; hihi

Shark in the form of man 🙂

I began to glow with lantern and getting closer. Uaaaaau felt quite brave. I got to know her, and I liked! Even if I wanted to touch her, but it was nimble and his guarded its territory. Watching its behavior towards other fish to show who's boss down there! Not long after it appeared another, but I was already brave enough on the topic, not to embarrass gram of its presence. I was very proud of myself! Wonderful feeling - to transcend his own ideas about, of which he is capable! think, it is the power, which moves us in all aspects!


Over and dive this day - I was full of emotion and excitement! The energy of the people, together with a common vision and goal of this type is very charging. Everyone has seen different things, shares, discuss, while his body is so tired. But the euphoria is so strong, nobody proceed to bed before it is shared and exhibited their emotions in the story, to discuss ideas and plan ahead and all that resonate with thoughts of the rest of the team.

E, result of the second day - 5 daiva, shark flooded "underwater" camera ! Interesting!

He did not care Camera, only photos, I had done. I prayed!

Still asleep in the cradle.

Again 5:45 waking, you have ever ordered there. Again the same thoughts go through your head. You are not going, but you know, that better decision than no! And hop in the water - already saw sharks on every dive, but it was so normal for me 😊 was over things 😊 this evolution of consciousness happened to me within 48 hours. Can you imagine what kind of things we can not even guess! Miracle!

The best investment - to feel alive

Asked is the end of this adventure! Always, when you feel, that marks the end of something so beautiful, it starts to fail you before you run out completely! new energy, New friendship, different ideas!

We finished with the day! The time has come to say goodbye to the friendly crew. We got off the boat, that did not stop wobbling. The result was - solid ground, that does not move you, whose head has not stopped swaying from 2 days. Walk the earth, but your body is still on a boat. Leaning somewhere - wall shake and you with it. It was very fun and it is because we do not sickened by it (there was a girl, He spent three days with sickness bag in his hands - HORROR ).

I went and saw, the pictures are alive! I was so happy! I bought a camera for this adventure and used it for him! ha! They left me beautiful memories and emotions! this, which is actually the best investment - to feel alive, interesting to ourselves and the world! thanks for everything! Благодаря –; I have the opportunity to do it and do it!

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