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GOLIVE It was founded by enthusiast-adventurer named Evlogi Birbochukov, known among his friends as Ogi. This guy loves to travel and look for challenges in everything, he touches. He had the opportunity to experience different adventures and emotions, Evlogi wants to share that feeling with the world and especially to those, who feel ready. As the saying famous Buddhist proverb "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear ".

Learn more about Evlogy and why elected in Bulgaria CAPITAL /famous media in Bulgaria/ and най-голямата позитивна медия “;Успелите”;

therefore, GOLIVE not a project, which aims to sell you something, but to show you life as, as we see it.

Evlogi and his team are well trained guides with international experience, who will reveal the beauty of nature in its entire splendour. But know this, these are not ordinary trips.

All our proposals are challenging in one way or another. You'll have to leave your comfort zone to feel alive.

At the end of every vacation you will feel reborn, recharged and ready for new adventure. Mark my words, this type of adventure are highly contagious and can lead to a lifetime dependence. Once experienced that feeling will come back for more and more.

All told: Just do it and GOLIVE your life!!

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