Diving on the islands of Raja Ampat, Indonesia

raja Ampat

The most desired diving destination

Where is Raja Ampat?

Raja Ampat is located in the western province of Papua in Indonesia, formerly known as Irian Jaya. Раджа Ампат означава “;Четирите царе”;, което е препратка към четирите основни острова –; Misool, Salawati, Beating и Waigeo.

Where is Raja Ampat located?

Why is it so special?

Organization for Nature Conservation and Nature Conservation hard, that 75% of marine species in the world live on the islands, making Raja Ampat very important destination.

Raja Ampat is one of the most beautiful destinations in Indonesia and in the world. Extremely popular among divers and can say the dream of every fan of the underwater world. Wonderful Indonesia

Your Questions Answered About Visiting Raja Ampat, West Papua

Credit to Pete McGee, Professional Dive Photographer

Your Questions Answered About Visiting Raja Ampat, West Papua

The story of Raja Ampat?

The name of Raja Ampat comes from local mythology, which tells of a woman, that detects seven eggs. Four of the seven eggs hatch and turn into kings. These same kings rule the four largest islands in Raja Ampat, and the remaining three are transformed into spirit, woman and stone.

How to plan your trip?

You must pay an entrance fee in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat marine park is, and as such will have to pay an entrance fee. This money goes to preservation and to hold the ecological Facilities in this unique marine park. International tourists pay fee, called PIN at a rate of 1,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah or about $ $ 85. You get something like a ticket valid for 12 months.

; You can buy it in advance, by contacting the Tourist Information Center, email: info.blud.uptdr4@gmail.com
; или спрете в туристическия информационен център Waisai на Waigeo –; address: Jalan Yosudarso, Siwindores, Waisai.
; If you stay at resort, hotel, Complex fee may be paid by domanikite.
; For children under 12 years of age admission is free.

Your Questions Answered About Visiting Raja Ampat, West Papua

Getting to Raja Ampat?

Most tourists fly to the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, then a domestic flight to Sorong, in West Papua. From there, get on the ferry to the main island Waigeo in Raja Ampat, and reach the small town of Wasai. From most hotels and resorts will take you and will take you directly to your heavenly place.

If you travel in Singapore, There is a direct flight to Makassar, then domestic flight to Sorong.


; Sorong airport is Domine Eduard Osok (SOQ).
; In Sorong no international flights.
; traveling from Jakarta to Sorong Nonstop, (CGK-SOQ) ; airlines: Xpress, Sriwijaya
; През сингапур има директен полет до Makassar и след това вътрешен полет до Соронг –; airline: Garuda
; there are other airlines, having a stop in Makassar, and then fly to Sorong.


Traveling by taxi from the airport to the ferry port Sorong takes about 10-20 minutes and costs 100 000 rupiah or 8,50 USD

How to get from Sorong to the islands of Raja Ampat?

There are two types of ferry, Dome and the slow boat, that will take you from Sorong to the island and the city of Visalia Uaydzho. The express ferry takes about two hours. The slow boat takes about four hours. Usually ferries depart in the morning and comply with the arriving flight, but there is a second later afternoon.
Check extra, because with the increase of tourism more and more ferries leave from the Tourist Office of Sorong, located in Jl. Bird Mambruk Remu, (62-951) 23070, 23560


From Wasai to your hotel / resort

Waisai is the administrative capital and major port, in other words portal to Raja Ampat. Most guest houses and resorts, and yachts for diving have the opportunity to transfer here. Just let them know in advance.

Where to stay in Raja Ampat?

Guesthouse in Raja Ampat

You will be guests of local Papua family, which will cook and clean like you're part of the family. For young people this will be an incredible experience. Usually hosts will take you from Visalia. English is pretty basic, but patience will ever find out. Цената за подобно настаняване варира от $ 35 –; $ 80. Here is a good article to touch the Local kulutra and beaten

Life boat Raja Ambani

The most common diving trip to the islands is by boat. Usually the price is much higher than accommodation in one of the guest houses or resorts. Liveaboard vacation options

Dive and Eco Resorts


The islands offer a variety of resorts in the form of entire complexes of houses and oceanfront and Hotels, with opportunities for diving, Spa, boat trips and bird watching. Browse options here.

Your Questions Answered About Visiting Raja Ampat, West Papua

Before leaving

Passport and visa Raja Ampat

Your passport must have at least six months validity. In theory, you do not need a visa, to visit Raja Ampat. However, many consulates encourage you before you go to check specifically for your country. Be sure to register your trip with your country.

Health and Medicine in Raja Ampat

Take all medications with you. The only hospital in Sorong or two hours by boat. Since most of the resorts are mainly used for diving, The island has a very good first aid. no pharmacies.
The sun is strong, so take sunscreen, antiseptic cream if you injure coral and get an antibiotic cream for sea lice.

The most common question is for tablets against malaria? In Raja Ampat has malaria, but the risk is quite low due to the remoteness. Many people take Doxycycline, antibiotic, antimalarialna tablet a few days ago to go. Most, however, visit, do not use a tablet, just thoroughly sprayed with repellents against mosquitoes.
use Sargon (mosquito net over the bed) and close with long sleeves and long pants, especially at dawn and dusk, when intruders are becoming more active.

Always carry some antibiotics and anti-diarrheal just in case.

be sure, you have an official list from your doctor, specifying what drugs are inserting it in Indonesia and put them in their original packaging, so that Customs can not confiscate them.
Adoption of prescription drugs in other countries?


DO NOT drink в Anchorage, so drink only bottled, cooked and processed. Because humidity better to drink plenty of water, You will acclimate faster. Also brush your teeth with bottled water and avoid ice consumption.


Travel and insurance

Always you have travel insurance, especially during an adventure holiday in a remote area.

Money in Raja Ampat

Indonesian Rupiah. There are ATMs in Visalia and Sorong, but not the islands. Take enough money for everything, which you may need to islands.


Local people?

Local people are very hospitable and benevolent. They love visitors and would help in any situation. Usually children and adults very excited when you meet tourists especially, from very distant lands with strange colors and faces.

More important facts about the Raja Ampat


Raja Ampat is located on the equator, which means that the air temperature is almost constant, the daily average is a maximum of 31 degrees Celsius or 89 degrees Fahrenheit. The region has an average relative humidity of 83%, so you can feel the air slightly sticky and humid. The ocean is warm all year round and pochvolyava calmly swimming in a bathing suit.
December and January are considered wetter months. From mid-June to mid-September it was quite windy and is not recommended for long stays of water.Your Questions Answered About Visiting Raja Ampat, West Papua

Drinking water

Yes and no. If a local source such as natural stream, then. But otherwise water must be boiled before drinking. Most hotels and resorts offer boiled water or drinking external power, so no need to worry and wearing a gas stove and pots.

As this is a marine eco-park, the last thing, he wants someone, to see plastic bottles in this pristine area. Therefore very rarely see to carry plastic bottles, because local people are proud of their environment. It would be great if you have available filter bottle filter carbon vahlen.



Respect local culture and conformed to consume alcohol when and when not to. If you are staying at a resort, no problem, there we drink belly. Basically you can get beer (Star, local Heineken) resorts, but probably not all guest houses. Beer in resort costs about 50,000 IDR or 3,60 US dollars.


independently, you'll spend more time in the water to snorkel or bottle, However you should be aware, that this is a conservative country. Appropriate clothing in the villages is essential. Always wear a sarong (something like cloth, which can be used as a scarf and / or gender), to cover their shoulders. Knee is also well covered if you walk outside the resort, in deference to local culture.

local language?

;Бахаса”; Indonesian is the most widespread, but many people speak Papuan dialect. English is also spoken, but rarely on a basic level.

The religion of Raja Ampat?

Culture is predominantly Christian and papunska. Islam also confesses, going into Raja Ampat through commercial practices. You are advised not to enter the church without permission from the villagers and always dress modestly and appropriately.

The culture is predominantly Papuan and Christian, and the Islamic religion entered Raja Ampat through trade contacts. As a side not, never enter a church without the permission of the villagers, and always dress modestly and appropriately. See about dress code below.



Fish is the main pominak of this province. You'll also find rice, sago, chicken, pace and tofu, and various vegetables. On the islands there are not many fruits, but few prevail only bananas. some resorts, provide Western food for guests, but personally I prefer local delicacies. On the islands you can try traditional cuisine in underground ovens (look at the photo).

experience traditional cooking in underground ovens.

Пазаруване &; Night life

The night life is up to you. If you are prone to coupons will have to invent their own program. To be completely honest after a day of diving, or snorkeling or kayaking, you will want to lie down and rest.

There is nothing special about shopping in Raja Ampat. Who wants to buy something so, there are a number of shops in Waisai. sliding, a portal to the world Raja Ampat, there are many more markets and shops, you can visit on your way home.


key Facts

area: West Papua
capital: Uasai
geography: An archipelago of 1,500 islands jungle and stunning marine eco-park.
Population: approximately 49, 048 (January 2014)
area: 40 000 km² of land and sea
government: Presidential Democratic Republic,
President: президент Joko “;Jokowi”; Widodo; Head of state and head of government
the Internet: let's say, that is luxury. there are resorts, available internet access, but do not count, the quality and speed are as west. Best to buy a local SIM card at the airport on arrival. be sure, that your phone is unlocked!
electricity: Most places have their own generators. 220-240Volt 50Hertz

Entertainment islands


Unsurpassed source of information is the website Stay Raja Ampat, which comprehensively describes the best places to visit and activities. Great site with excellent information.


diving in Raja Ampat

Credit to Pete McGee, Dive Professional Photographerr

; Perhaps the best place for diving, considering, that covers over 80% of all marine life, you may encounter in the world. Each diver dream to visit.
Diving in Raja Ampat, West Papua, new Guinea
Sites for diving and snorkeling



№1 place in the world ranking, according to CNN,
; You can swim anywhere; water is so clean, and the fish are infinitely many.

Visit local islands





Раджа Ампат е известен с “;Райските птици”;, on the island Uaydzho and Batanta, Red bird-of-paradise islands Waigeo and Gam, and Kofiau Monarch and Kingfisher Paradise Island Kofiau, както и Wugeo’;s Bruijn’;s Bush Turkey is one of the rarest creatures and can be seen with the right guide.
Simon Kolomsusu http://www.stayrajaampat.com/ultimate-raja-ampat-guide/guides/simon-kolomsusu/
Benny Mambrasar http://www.stayrajaampat.com/ultimate-raja-ampat-guide/guides/benny-mambrasar/
Frankie Mambrasar ; http://www.stayrajaampat.com/ultimate-raja-ampat-guide/guides/franky-mambrasar/
Paulus Sauyai ; http://www.stayrajaampat.com/ultimate-raja-ampat-guide/guides/paulus-sauyai/

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