Гмуркане в Малпело –; Our personal favorite! Malpelo island (the tip of an underwater mountain) It rises from the water in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. div, unpredictable, and it's intriguing Malpani.

Considered the best destinations for diving with sharks on the planet, large passages and underwater caves / kanyoni.Myastoto is so remote and ekskluchivno, that only three boats and a catamaran entitled to attend. this, What makes diving Malpani especially nice, it is the fact, that at any given time only one boat has the right to stay. VIZ. you and the whole ocean!!

Прашните улици и истински усмивки Преобладаващото население са мюсюлмани и основния град –; capital of the province is Mataram. Surfing for me is not just an end in itself journey in search of waves and driving. It is much more complicated, connected with

This Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral system in the world. In fact, so great, that is the only living organism, visible from space. This miracle of nature is composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands, extending more

Encounter with the largest known species Excitement has invaded my mind. From the beginning while discussing where to go with the boat, if Safari is a profile of the south or north. So one of our guides snatched