Гмуркане в Малпело –; Our personal favorite! Malpelo island (the tip of an underwater mountain) It rises from the water in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. div, unpredictable, and it's intriguing Malpani.

Considered the best destinations for diving with sharks on the planet, large passages and underwater caves / kanyoni.Myastoto is so remote and ekskluchivno, that only three boats and a catamaran entitled to attend. this, What makes diving Malpani especially nice, it is the fact, that at any given time only one boat has the right to stay. VIZ. you and the whole ocean!!

Video + story in pictures of my first encounter with ice climbing. Quite challenging hobby, which I, that would become my passion. Dangerous, implements in good shape, ice climbing is an activity, which causes an incredible feeling of freedom

Greeks have their dance. Greek gas station stop and what to see, They have gathered a bus and people playing dance. 5:30 in the morning on the way to Greece. The weather looks promising in our direction. The view from the restaurant on the campsite.

/22.04.2017 / view Sofia. The town is surrounded by low clouds or smog? what do you think? After more than a month warm weather. People began to prepare for the summer. They can see the brave souls with short sleeves and shorts. I myself thought