Статия за списание Kiteboarding …; If you want to escape the cold winter or just looking for another excuse to surf all year round, trip to Bali can guarantee you: wind, sun, waves, great food, nice smiling people, unique

Прашните улици и истински усмивки Преобладаващото население са мюсюлмани и основния град –; capital of the province is Mataram. Surfing for me is not just an end in itself journey in search of waves and driving. It is much more complicated, connected with

Deep in the jungle and close to nature - surf in Savarin / July-August 2014 / I want to thank my family for their support and my friends about it, that they have always inspired me to do the things, I love to be

The best way to recharge for next week (Част 1 –; 11.02.17) The first winter surf trip this year. Overall, it can be the last, winter trips are not as frequent or rather we do not go for every forecast

Sri Lanka- Tigers side hobby or way of life I had heard of Sri Lanka by geography textbooks in schools. For the first time I had somewhat more direct link with the country in my Highschool "Bastille" 31, when Blagovest( Chochkata).