Video + story in pictures of my first encounter with ice climbing. Quite challenging hobby, which I, that would become my passion. Dangerous, implements in good shape, ice climbing is an activity, which causes an incredible feeling of freedom

Greeks have their dance. Greek gas station stop and what to see, They have gathered a bus and people playing dance. 5:30 in the morning on the way to Greece. The weather looks promising in our direction. The view from the restaurant on the campsite.

 ; Easter conundrum Large wonder, great procrastination, what to do during the Easter holidays. Since March rained offers, whether or not to walk in Greece Meteora, if we can not go next door to the Black Sea, a little

Първият “;кулоар”; and one level higher in my ski career! /17.03.2017 / Thought for the new challenge starting to balk at the thought of a new challenge. Какво ли ме накара да се впусна в това приключение и да кажа “;so let's go

Катеренето на “;Големи Стени”; It is more adventure than climbing. First clash with Central Wall / CW /. The idea of ​​CW ascent arose several years ago. I do not remember exactly the genesis of this idea and by the enthusiasm, always stood out there in

Северно ребро –; Rezniove, Vitosha, Bulgaria / 16.02.2017 / Clear Morning. The sun slowly crawling all over the neighborhood and I feel people are starting to buzz. The day begins with traffic on the Ring Road. Обичайните мисли нахлуват в главата ми –; "How can that be limited