;Градините на Кралицата”; или наричани още “;Карибския Галапагос”; They represent the third largest reef system in the world, ensuring close encounter with crocodiles, many species of sharks and big fish. Cuba is a destination designed for divers! Гмуркането в Jardines de la Reina

 ; The story of my first parachute jump started with a drink at the bar and discuss dreams! We sat and talked with Maya for skydiving, because her brother practiced around this sport, and it was about and soon

Прашните улици и истински усмивки Преобладаващото население са мюсюлмани и основния град –; capital of the province is Mataram. Surfing for me is not just an end in itself journey in search of waves and driving. It is much more complicated, connected with

Greeks have their dance. Greek gas station stop and what to see, They have gathered a bus and people playing dance. 5:30 in the morning on the way to Greece. The weather looks promising in our direction. The view from the restaurant on the campsite.

"Empty your mind, бъди безформен –; like water. ; Water can flow and can rages. Be water, my friend. "For three beers We have announced time and date have organized group: The annual tour of Thassos will be held at the end

/22.04.2017 / view Sofia. The town is surrounded by low clouds or smog? what do you think? After more than a month warm weather. People began to prepare for the summer. They can see the brave souls with short sleeves and shorts. I myself thought

 ; Easter conundrum Large wonder, great procrastination, what to do during the Easter holidays. Since March rained offers, whether or not to walk in Greece Meteora, if we can not go next door to the Black Sea, a little

Dark India This dive will never forget it. Even my weird, how much time has passed since then and I'm not wrote two lines about. The most emotional I dive! There is nothing to deceive,

Deep in the jungle and close to nature - surf in Savarin / July-August 2014 / I want to thank my family for their support and my friends about it, that they have always inspired me to do the things, I love to be