In the eye of Bansko's avalanche, Pirin, Bulgaria

Meeting with Winter's Devil

/07.02.2015/ –; an endless day

D Day filled with the most numerous and diverse emotions. As far as I remember, first I want to do just the day. So many mixed feelings in my head,, I just can not stand still and want to relax and sleep.

At this point I'm halfway through the day, Located on over 2,000 altitude in Pirin. At the threshold, of perhaps the biggest obstacle in my life, mentally. We are in the "Promised Land" between the third and fourth chute of "Bunderitsa". I will only try to describe: Vihren (2914m), the highest peak of Pirin mountain, rises ahead. Bundle of sunlight pierce the rare clouds. Huge slopes, quite avalanche risk. Chichaka. and Alexandar Georgiev (Sashko) are in the lead. (later I'll explain what I mean). Lily-white, intact, with perfect powder snow, slope. A thousand thoughts go through my head. Should I go? What is the best line? Should I turn here?? Or maybe its best to just go back?

After 5 minutes, leading to the best corners in Bulgaria. Three traces on a deserted mountain rib. Smiley Face. No need for words. And just what happened before 2-3 hours?!

The pics are not great, but in those days everybody prefers to ride more!

…. Another run at the famous Bansko's "Cup" (referring to the characteristics of the slope and that it resembles a cup with wide walls funnelling down). E, new location, in order to draw fresh lines. Shasko is first, but hesitation leads to tumbling in the snow and a small avalanche, out of which he comes without a pole at full acceleration to the left side of the slope. Chichaka. runs smoothly to the left and right to identify the pole, but no success.. E, maybe I ended should have done this job. Following their tracks, something hinders me. Whether I speckle because of the many "riders" and any need to prove, I'm in another category now, or whether because of new ski (the old ones of Todor Boyadzhiev)? Something does not feel well! The balance is somewhat different and difficult to find the right angle. Or Is it because we slept little last night and I'm just grumpy (earlier noticed, that today I rather grumble a lot). Yet I stumble and fly off rolling over..

The tension on the slope is too big and it goes. I am swimming,, but in a river of snow. Slab avalanche and a big one.

Here you can see the scale of the avalanche and the size of clods.
Here you can see the scale of avalanche.

I understand what happens, but what do I do?? All books, articles, videos of avalanches give different directions, advice and guidance. E, none of them came to my mind. All my will, I am trying to pull the cord. В началото на сезона се обзаведох с най-новата раница на Къртача –; ;BCA Float 27”. На кратко –; It helps when you are in avalanche, you afloat. E, perhaps she saved my life. I find the trigger after frantic and stressful search trying to hold on.. Now is the time to thank yourself for the cold-blooded behavior in this complex and tense moment. Everything happens very fast, can be 30 seconds to a minute. Holding the trigger I wonder if you should pull it. My ming is going hectic. Did I get enough overhead and there is no need, Should I wait. And pack, Well this is the purpose of backpack. The more relevant must be? This is my life, fuck! I am pulling, In a moment something inflates over my head. Shortly thereafter the flow dwindle. Now see sparse fragments of the world. I begin to reassemble the picture. The avalanche stopped. I am alive! I'm on top! It looks like I am not hurt. Getting up. Nothing hurts. I can walk.

Shortly after the avalanche. Pleased, I do not have any injuries I start looking for skis Todor Boyadzhiev.
Shortly after the avalanche. Pleased, I do not have any injuries I start looking for skis Todor Boyadzhiev.

Wow Sasho's pole. is lying just next to me. Is this the initial pole or the other /meaning that Sasho was on the way of the avalanche/. Quickly I scan for other to see if everyone is here. Shouting " are you all OK". I detect "Sashko". and ran for his pole. ;I FOUND IT BRO!! Mission accomplished!; Joking country, It was quite by accident. The next 2 hours I am digging relentlessly in order to find the "bad luck" skis. Well, apparently while I was in the avalanche the skis just sank somewhere in the endless lumps. I am in shock. Not bad, just excited. The lack of understanding, what happened, somehow calms me down and if nothing happened. I mentioned earlier, the Chichaka and Sashko were my personal guides today. Right after the incident I was feeling good, with self-confidence.

I just wanted to get out of there

Нека се върна на онзи невероятен слон –; the rib of one of Banderishki chutes. Well now I don't have a backpack or rather bullets in it. Everything around us collapses, rolling and chopping. My legs tremble and I want to go back. No single evidence of the confidence an hour ago. The boys felt my anxiety, fear and uncertainty. I have to get back together. This might end up bad for all of us. Unplanned situations occur when a person panics. And I will be honest, , it was the strongest moment of panic in my life. I just wanted to get out of there. So I lasted, However, I still think, that somehow it was better to get back, but maybe It was necessary to overcome myself once again and raised the level. Here I must give thank to my comrades in this endeavour. You do not forsaken, but rather bring courage to go forward. !!!

Finally I am the the bottom of the mountain. Successful descent at Banderishki chute or something, което ние наричаме "The Whole Mountain" descent named so because of the huge difference in altitude. Almost 1000m denivelation..
Finally I am the the bottom of the mountain. Successful descent at Banderishki chute or something, което ние наричаме “;The Whole Mountain”; down because of the large displacement.

The story won 3rd place in The first contest "My winter story; organized by magazine 360 ​​°.

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