Красиво изкачване по Северното ребро –; Rezniove, Vitosha, Bulgaria

Северно ребро –; Rezniove, Vitosha, Bulgaria


goClimb Rezniovete
Clear morning at 16.02.17 to 7:00

clear morning. The sun slowly crawling all over the neighborhood and I feel people are starting to buzz. The day begins with traffic on the Ring Road. Обичайните мисли нахлуват в главата ми –; "How can so limited that made this section, It will soon be the first remontiraha, пък вече е амортизиран.”; Where are all these cars took, everyone jumps out of somewhere and fast work, which probably hates. nervous, sleepy, irritated and angry. По модерно му казано –; hater 🙂

I got a little late in the game. Bond is a triple: Sasha, Евлоги “Рамбо”; Alex "Chichaka". Load neatly and colorful outfit. Jump to pity you can use it. I do not know whether you was so, but it was very Goth to it together at fixed locations, to maintain it and of course to buy more than that, To change that, etc.. Before we know it, we are Aleko and shouldered his pack to run Tulip 1.

goClimb Rezniove
serious equipment, without which no!

Now, в който стъпваме на пистата –; Pride of Sofia, the only working runway at Vitosha, which above becomes below, comparing it with others in Bulgaria, and if we have to compare with the Alps to say ... things are tragic. We have great resources and use them wisely! I do not talk about it now..

So we begin to climb the slope to Tulip 2 and from there to Reznyovete. Do 2-3 feet of packed snow and decide to turn. In this moment, just lose all thoughts and all my consciousness enjoy the view to the city and beyond. Visibility is surprisingly good. It can be seen clearly Stara Planina. Sofia, както никога е горе-долу добре –; not immersed in smog and dirt. Even seeing many reflections of high business buildings, even the golden domes of the temple Alexander Nevsky. On the way up through several meters turn, to watch as long as possible this landscape.

IMG_6999meditate, how these thousands, millions of people, move down there in the city and did not realize, how close is this to view them and how much discharge if at least occasionally are not here. Entangled in the hectic and confused modern life, They forgot largely, how simple it can be anything.

add here, that this and all other stories and pictures I want to achieve two objectives: first, I have a conscious memory and an easier way to get back to those moments, when I need; second, to open people's eyes, so often to go out, outside their usual daily. secure, I think this will make them feel much better, and even loaded to return with renewed vigor in the city.

As a friend of mine said, "Nature is a drug", Once he saw what can you offer, you always come back in one way or another. E, I want to show you this drug and even if you spell.

goClimb Rezniove
Each step is important in the fight for trail

There are no 30-minutes and we are at the top of Tulip 1. So far so good, however, now, We exit the outline of the track, great struggle begins. Every step proves difficult, because sinking over knee in the snow. In the beginning it was even less funny, but after 10-20 steps you're going to annoy and to look for the easiest way forward. Something like Indiana Jones, which is struggling to reach the Grail. E, It takes us about 1:30 hours. Despite the sweat and at times surprising depth of snow, We fail to enjoy the moment, because of its unique view, pleasant sun and lack of wind.

We begin to climb to 11:15. Sashko takes the first pitch. The plan, to come right now and right here was basically a, so we respect his enthusiasm and let's leave, that became lunch. It takes courage, but after the first meters, turns, that there is a lot of ice and snow and you have to climb rather Drei tullinge / dry tooling /, than mikstovo.

needsScreen Shot 2017-02-17 at 6.47.05 PMimo it is a bit time, to get into the rhythm and wedged the front teeth of cats in small rock crevices, while scraping a flat rock. The first line of the route is Nako with wedges of all the difficult and key locations, so that additional insurance is not required, except for confidence and security. It definitely helps Sashko and soon came our turn. Chichaka and I go by keeping a distance of 5-6 meters, to avoid falling over each other, considering, that all the cutting elements on us / tools and cats / are like Edward Scissorhands.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 6.42.23 PM
Movements happen smoothly and measured, considering, that builds only the front teeth of cats, and implements in most cases only be displayed on small edges. It was challenging to trust the icy hands, because I use this type of equipment for the first time. At the beginning I checked several times, the extent to withstand, Before loading more. Eventually I concluded, that the tools work only if you use them wisely. Mandatory, You must discharge the legs very precise. To load only in the right direction / most strictly vertical / and very careful, when you rise up, as naturally Amend the pressure and direction of the load. Otherwise there is great risk of ricochet, loss of balance and falling.

Generally to the passage everything it was clear, Now I just had to focus on implementation. Hop-Trop and here we are at the end of the first rope. This proved passages and rope. The rest were quite lazy, and so we took the liberty to enjoy the fantastic views to the northeast.

We made a total of 5 lines, as one of them hardly we would put insurance. The route is very scenic. Passes through several bracket, small corridors and chutes, where you would not want to find yourself without insurance. Especially impressed me flowing snow and pieces tufts while the driver climbs. In this case they were small and even was beautiful, but goClimb Reznioveguess, that under other circumstances might be dangerous if chunks of ice.

I expected to be much colder. I had prepared a few pairs of gloves, от които едни ретро –; Leather paws full of big wave, gloves grandfather Atanas. The sun was with us most of the day and they came into use.

At each site there was something like a little competition between Chichaka and sachet. now one, now others want to keep. She felt a slight contest, which is quite helpful in these moments, because you are excited and forget, ochebiini for details such as height, distance to the next and previous insurance. I tried at first to declare desire for keeping, but saw, this time I will not get me and I decided to enjoy the moment and time. It was quite fun and while I knew we were above. The entire route took us about 5 hours, no approach to Reznove.

Greetings to climb and made a not very successful, but victorious photo. In fact Sashko without asking me a very cool picture, which immediately made profile. Somehow very proud and experimental stood atop the overhanging route Sofia, so thanks for frames.

While we are descending slowly toward the car discussed at the key moments of the day and think, that all nakefihme of emotion, especially, we had the opportunity to be outside in this nice weather.

Greetings and we agreed on Saturday 18.02.2017 to go Boyana Waterfall, to little jostling ice, that soon will melt.

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