The adventure begins when the plans go wrong!

The path of one adventurer of the 21st century

/ Something like a memoir /

He is 29 years old, almost 30. But always says, it is still 20 and he does not care much, when people do not understand. For Evlogy years have experience, which one corpse in them, no figure. ;Some and 40 have not seen half the things, които аз съм видял.”; Not, do not boast, because the experience of it is a result of options, and time, allow you to accumulate.
Bali, Indonesia 2016
Many wanted to visit Japan, но може “;още утре да си купя билет и да отида”;, because that would not call it travel dream. but look, spacewalk is another thing. ;Колкото и фантастично да звучи”; For about two months Evlogy read and cares seriously about how to implement it. ;Life and Health, I will try to achieve it someday. because, going beyond the orbit, You realize the whole essence this, we all know - that the Earth is the third planet from the Sun, that is so-and-how-it-kilometers from the Sun, etc.. Similar awareness totally changed the whole concept of everything, about life. Because to know and to realize, са две тотално различни неща.”;
In the last four or five years Evlogy walk on the edge. Never before has fallen into the abyss, and never complained, that is the edge that happen. In it so arrange things, че “;whenever I need something, то идва само”;.

convinced, that when you develop professionally and personally, literally wasting your time. And it ultimately is our most precious resource. A few years ago, life for Evlogy develop in a way, that the standards of modern times suggest - the best education and the best career and professional development later. He graduated from the Russian school in Sofia as a regular student and, in parallel, English Language School - a private. Then apply in different universities around the world, in search of the golden mean between price and quality. selects Netherlands, where he graduated in International Business and Management Studies.

Bali, Indonesia September 5, 2016 - My 29th birthday. Unique Gift Of Life. Look ahead. Breathe deeply and moves boldly. Photographer: personal Archive
Bali, Indonesia
September 5, 2016 - My 29th birthday. Unique Gift Of Life.
Look ahead. Breathe deeply and moves boldly.
Photographer: personal Archive

The numbers and documents
Because it is good with numbers, Evlogi decided to deal with finances. Not because it feels so keen, а “;просто защото ми върви и като цяло е свързано с добра професия.”; On an exchange basis left for half a year for Canada, откъдето пък се озовава в координационния отдел по банкиране на “;Алианц”; in Germany.

After finishing his bachelor's degree, Evlogi went to Durham University, where he studied finance and investment. And then afterwards you can work almost anywhere. ;Only I always imagined, че ще се върна в България и ще се опитвам да променям нещата в нашата малка и –; за съжаление –; хаотична държава.”;

And indeed returns, in search path, in which to change things. ;Човек винаги трябва да търси предизвикателството и да излиза от зоната си на комфорт.”; Following this maxim, he embarks on a project of mutual fund Nikolay Vassilev. Started as a trainee (;все от някъде трябва да започнеш”;), and his work has really challenging. But, as usually happens, when an intern request one point on his work be paid, suddenly finds, that the employer no longer needs him.

His next position was as a financial and investment analyst at pension fund, where it remained for more than a year. For this period realizes, that this work does not like. ;Not like nature, but for everyday life, in which a person falls - every day is the same with the previous, no development, will challenge.

Val Thorens, Alps, France March, Photographer 2016: personal Archive

Val Thorens, Alps, France
March, 2016
Photographer: personal Archive

Jump jump

Once aware of, that the corporate life was not for him, Evlogi began to look for some other kind of performances. For some absolutely wild, as he called it, accident in 2011. He became head of international project, whose beneficiary is the Ministry of Economy, tourism and energy. ;The work of a civil contract, I was a civil servant, and my boss was Minister. The project was the development of cluster organizations in Bulgaria - nothing to do with finances, въпреки че отново е икономически ориентирано.”;

It is this work draws Evlogy'm consulting services after completion of the state project he began advising various companies on their strategies for development. In the consultation process falls a, which offers corporate training, and becomes part of its ranks.
So much life Evlogy seems constantly jumping from job to job, but it was not aimlessly - with each, he more and more close to freedom, seeking, the desire to make something of their own. In this period of his life, he is full of ideas. Every day goes to his friends and offered to start doing it, tomorrow - otherwise; от сладолед през фрешове до внос на чанти от Барселона и “;какви ли не други неща”;.

Winter climbing Djamdjiev Edge, Vihren, Pirin Mountain, Bulgaria March 2016. An Extremely Challenging Day Filled With Numerous Extreme Emotions and once again realize how important even the smallest step in Life.
Winter climbing Djamdjiev Edge, Vihren, Pirin Mountain, Bulgaria
March 2016. An Extremely Challenging Day Filled With Numerous Extreme Emotions and once again realize how important even the smallest step in Life.

In a duel with him

He defines hobbies equally diverse, as are its working commitments. But they are all united by one goal: ;the desire to challenge yourself, looking for adventure and especially go out of your comfort zone, that each of us usually seek.
;skier am, I prefer free ride style - again because of freedom. But my main idea is to chart its own path, to pass on my route and in my place, to my choice and interest. And so to leave his line and in the mountains - in this case with skis. Същото е и в живота.”;
In recent years, makes and surfing - but only Hawaiian. diver is, but all these things most practiced mountaineering, because of the realities of Bulgarian nature and because of the ability to do almost any time of the year. ;За останалите трябват определени условия.”;

floating plans, safe adventure

Based on their hobbies and people, with which he confronts life, evlogi decided, that, working for the company, offering corporate training, free to invent more interesting products for customers. ;At one meeting I decided to propose to combine my hobbies with the customer base and do a separate company for teambuilding. But these, who eat kebabs and drinking brandy and that sort of thing, and of those, които ще предизвикат корпоративния служител да направи нещо различно.”; The idea pleased him, but not now, but sometime in the future. Then he decided, I will implement it alone. This is his big change.

Island West Java my first trip to Asia, and it deep Asia. Falls within the village 9 hours from the nearest hospital and all civilized atmosphere, which until that's taken for granted. The good man in the picture me draw with freshly cut coconut, despite its modest lifestyle. Photographer: personal Archive

Currently Evlogy still struggling to his dream come true in a sustainable way. Compared regulations in Bulgaria, to be able to bring one, two, five or ten people anywhere, something, related to tourism, you have to have a license for tour operator. ;This license is not blatant - not as a sum, нито като трудност на придобиване.”;

For some time Evlogy walk around the world, He toured and met with adventurers, enthusiasts, owners surf camps, diving boats, ski resorts - all people, dared to live. ;Do not be fooled, that these people are different from us. Just have the courage to pursue it, което желаят.”;

This year the walk several times in Egypt, Maldives, in Indonesia, France, Thailand, US. There are more than a hundred flights. And have them, because currently building a system of contacts in all relevant places his hobbies, to build a network for adventure tourism.
Adventure tourism for him to express this to go beyond its known lines. Only then you will really feel alive. ;As someone said, when your plans go wrong, then you're going to live; thinking, to feel conscious, watching and seeing everything, което се случва наоколо.”;

Evlogi trying to wake people in this, you need natural to be in them: be a little more active and a little closer to the world around them - nature, communicate with people, meetings with the animals or other crops, ancient sites, etc..

In pursuit of the most beautiful line. lake Iseo, Италия The Floating Piers, 2016. The biggest challenge in my career literally and figuratively. Photographer: personal Archive


На едно от приключенията той се запознава с Росен Желязков – ръководител на цялостното изграждане на инсталацията “;Плаващите кейове”; Christo. So Evlogy given the opportunity to be a project supervisor. This is one of the reasons, for which its own piers sail just wide now. Но пък работата по “;Плаващи кейове”; It is one of the biggest challenges, before which has faced, and extremely useful experience for all traces of his life.

Планът е догодина Евлоги да има “;office with two nice girls, които да обслужват клиентите”;, and he can take care of concepts for new products. Но няма да се занимава с “;Come the New Year with us, защото много ни е добра вечерната празнична маса”;, нали “;Everything, I plan, I do like about yourself, and not for some other unspecified person. Refined detail, като предизвиквам хората да се замислят какво се случва с тях и с техния живот.”;


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