O. Ломбок –; wild brother o. Bali

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Dusty streets and genuine smiles

Преобладаващото население са мюсюлмани и основния град –; capital of the province is Mataram.

Surfing for me is not just an end in itself journey in search of waves and driving. It is much more complicated, related to understanding the world, himself, look at his own self and the world's people.

In fact the more I travel more and more convinced, that people are far such as their descriptions given by most American movies and constantly overflowing our idiotic information through the media for all sorts of monsters.

To make such a journey of man he needs one main thing and that is the desire and adventure. The question is not entirely financial and I must emphasize this.

Unfortunately, more and more people begin to lose their desire to develop, and adventure in their lives is increasingly losing the convenience of everyday life, excuses and well-established track, in which each move more or less.

But as someone said: "Everyone himself decides", I just would like to give a different perspective, that few people will ever experience, but that reflects life as, какъвто е –; изпълнен с цялата си палитра от неща –; from good to bad. There is no way a person can assess what has, until you get out of your comfort zone and do not see the other side, until he sees the dusty streets of the Indonesian villages, their markets, people who live with a T-shirt and $ 30 per month and all its misery are smiling and their smiles are genuine.

All this is in sharp contrast to the majority of so-called "well-dressed" people in Sofia restaurants and social places, where an intrusive system to not know where falseness, and mentality of doom, that nobody realizes. This is another topic, which will not ignore, because I negligible, but on the other hand, talking a lot about society, в което живеем –; his ideals, values ​​and perceptions .


Lombok - Indo 2015 | GOLIVE
Photo of the brigade before being loaded on the fast boat to Lombok

After the final decision, I started calling friends. I mentioned them to Lombok and then where short, where long hesitation collected after brigade. Whiff old friend of mine and a great Ukraine-Russian-Bulgarian Blaber and current surfer, Dancho Machirski (My buddy and total surf fanatic, the largest in Bulgaria), Evlogi-Gosho my friend and classmate from the Netherlands, not certified guide 🙂 and current surfer and Slavi Mihaylovski, friend, bodibordist-vegan and one of the few bass-jumpers in our dear homeland. So after the brigade was clear, began shortly organizational events. meetings, who organized among themselves were not so fruitful, but at the expense of fun and repeatedly topped with pretty good food. here I, I should like to express on behalf of all our great gratitude to Maddie by Machirski Sport, for help with tickets and the overall organization of the trip.

As I like to say time is a vector with one direction and the days fly, classes run, and the minutes crawl, came the moment of our departure. The plan was to sleep in Edirne, to avoid the pressure of waiting at the border on the day of our flight and a possible risk of its release. On 17th evening the camp headed by our office, Fame traveled by plane to Istanbul the next day. The van, that ride was full there is no 10 surfboard, some clothes and shooting techniques. I would like to thank you again on behalf of all of Niki, thanks man, which reached safely to Istanbul. big thumbs up.

Bulgarian, Turkish or Greek

It turned out, Edirne is one that not so troublesome town with nice people and delicious food. I do not know if it says meatball, kyofte, steak or "meatball" and where originated. Is Bulgarian, Turkish or Greek also do not know, here all argue about everything in general, but meatballs in Edirne are not like those in Bulgaria, Kaufland, Metro or the market in Elin Pelin. Maybe Macedonian be, but most importantly they were made of real meat and me were delicious, not only because I was hungry.

Lombok - Indo 2015 - GOLIVE
The desserts in Turkey are brutally sashtp.

I do not know whether Turkey has a committee on food, but apparently in Bulgaria this last just spend our money and prove its "incompetence" or worse, a blind eye to one lev in pocket. Give the ax would say, Oral, SIKTIR and other things, who, to keep decorum, ще изрека само на глас…;;Natto I wrestler, sought monument of wrestlers in the city of the first Bulgarian bombing ( probably the latter taking into account the state of the Air Force us), but because, I was very tired have cut demand and quickly went to sleep in hotel.

Our expectations have not 30-something hours of travel.

On the 18th we were again on the road, We arrived safely at the city of straits, not dream of a great power, ranging from the Middle Ages, and until now.

And Istanbul is becoming more and despite his 20 million new Permanent repairs to the huge boulevards, far was so clogged as our dear Tsarigradsko Shosse 17.00 o'clock in the afternoon on a weekday. Well I must emphasize, we arrived around 11 pm. morning on top of Ramadan-a. With my own eyes I have seen the colossal traffic jams in Istanbul, but it at all does not underestimate the poor organization of the movement in his native capital, which probably is the size of Besiktas or one of the larger Istanbul.

Sharia law

After 11 hours of nightmarish flight, many films, games and "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" in plane, We landed in Kuala Lumpur.

Lombok - Indo 2015 - GOLIVE
Long flight has its good sides.

We were so crushed, that direct pressure on the benches at the airport, Yet we stay six hours and you can get a little sleep. Malaysia is a Muslim country, where full force apply Sharia law. There the death penalty for drug, the same applies to Indonesia. After a 3-hour flight ended up in Bali, Airport Ngurah Rai, outside was pretty sweaty, more tegavo us was, when I had to carry luggage on terminal. Virtually all the boys were prepotili powerful and sought salvation of air conditioners, who was sitting. The plan was super expeditiously to buy tickets to Lombok and not dive in terrible traffic Kuta, Bali, which resembles Sodom and Gomorrah of biblical parable. If someone tells you, that Bali is super cool, do not listen fully and stare with mouth, or at least put into question many of the things. Perhaps it is not out of 5-star hotels and never been involved with mercantile reality of the island, which is largely urbanized and not least opiated. Negative my focus is primarily on Kuta, but other places do not make big exception. Of course there are great places, but usually they stay away from the eyes of the mass tourist and well-beaten paths, which are also identified by locals as places to earning coins. I read in th Dir.bg, how a fictional Bulgarian model was on holiday in Bali and had published, нейни снимки с кратък префърцунен текст на някой авторът навярно не е излизал от пределите на собственото си жилище –; “so lame”.

Lombok - Indo 2015 | GOLIVE
Toshko but nowhere mentions, that once bought tickets began erupting volcanoes in this part of the world. Literally two days before erupting volcano on the nearby island of Java and nearly cut our wings as the ban to travel.

The adventures begin there, where things go wrong

Usually adventures begin there, where things go wrong, and this time we do not amend. It turned out, that all flights to Lombok are buknati few days ahead. Our other option was "fast" boat, which was also reserved for 2 days ahead. The earliest we went to Lombok was July 21. With the help of Bobby and Marty (Friends of Fame, Bulgarians who live in Bali and started business with furniture and a small restaurant) we managed to keep five places for "fast" boat. Again, thanks to them we were able to find and cheap sleeping in Canggu only 300m from the spot to ride. Big thumbs up for you, there are good, positive and responsive Bulgarians, to be mentioned.

Canggu It was pretty village, just like 2 years ago, the level of riding was extremely high, Local caught the brutal tubes of INSIDE, Danny whiff and did two sessions, first carefree, second super huge crowd of sunset. Although it was true Spirituals surfing with brutal sunset. Surfing at sunset just in this part of the world is extremely beautiful, on the equator the sun sets and rises almost no difference spectacular and the days are almost always the same. The red disc literally down to the waters of the ocean and they become purple, which would izkefil even the most dedicated fan of Levski Sofia.

Или поне аз така си мисля…;.

Evlogi and Fame, slept with Bobby and Marty and therefore drove separately, not intercepted in the water of Canggu.

Lombok - Indo 2015 | GOLIVE
Две обичайни неща за Бали –; traffic and ceremony.

However, they appeared in the early hours of 21st, when the taxi had to take us to drive us to speed boat. After a brief voyyazh gathered at several hotels, some Australian and headed to the port of Padang Bai, wherein for boat Lombok and neighboring islands thereon, Gilley. We boys descended on Senggigi in Lombok, other passengers continued to Gilly. The place to which we were headed tells Grupuk. Niki Tanera told us not to go there, but because, that group there were people who learn, We decided to go, because of the variety of waves. This village situated on the shore of a beautiful bay is located in the southern part of the island and can be reached by a dirt road. The village is typical Indonesian, poor with broken road with asphalt beginnings, many kids, almost no elderly men. Apparently due to bad living habits and smoking men die rather early. It noticed in previous trips, almost no elderly men, I do not know if it's my quirk or statistical justified.

Lombok - Indo 2015 | GOLIVE
Good Morning Bali. Unique sunrise over the rice fields of Bali. Shortly before we take a taxi
Lombok - Indo 2015 | GOLIVE
Local boats have borrowed design directly from nature. As mosquitoes landed on the water, and they have thin limbs good ratio area, measured weight.
Lombok - Indo 2015 | GOLIVE
The fast boat is pretty fast and has three powerful engines of 200 horsepower.

It turned out, that there is not much swell and all the spots ran only INSIDE. The wave was super relaxing and very enjoyable, without any pressure, mostly right with pleasant wall of learning curve, of large sets of partial tubes. Basically nothing tegavo and startling besides many beginners, which at times did not know what was happening and were a little unpredictable.

Better first village, than last city

Lombok - Indo 2015 - GOLIVE
Each upload scooter is mission. happy, we've gone home without falling.

We get up every day at 5,45 am, for tide and go with Uda and his brother Fabi boat to spots. Like most local, They were humble and poor boys, pripečelvaha Coins ridden with the sʺrfistite to video, fishing and small farm Lobster. The first days in Grupuk wave us tired and whiff, Fame and Evlogy decided to go with scooters to Mavi ( more serious spot of 20th km us). Dancho was tired and was resting and making photos with your phone, which proved brutally. I really : ”We are better than I”, But enough product placement. Pocar least Mavi, We listened dullness of a drunken local and met a Frenchman, who had been on Erasmus in Bulgaria and ate very warm feelings for the country. I personally liked it and began to speak to me in Bulgarian, eventually we were 12 000km from home. For the first time we saw local girl surfing and not only that, but drink beer. Indonesia is the biggest Muslim country with a population of 250 million people. Here are Sunni Muslims and the whole, place of women, as in most Muslim societies at home, so this girl apart, that surfing and Drop Fame, drinking beer and apparently did not fit much in common understanding.

Apparently things are changing here. "Long live the emancipation, almost "hahahaha.

After Mavi decided to visit ECASTA, place in the southeastern part of the island near the island Sumbava (perhaps our destination in the future life and health, as they say). We decided to go back scooter on the GPS of Evlogy. The road was quite tegav, 3 h in a direction, in all sorts, black, white and all roads. We had a few harmless falls with scooters, but everything was fine.

At one point everyone was wondering how to fit the seat of the already small scooter, th Fame and Evlogy, who rode two, not envy them at all.

Lombok - Indo 2015 - GOLIVE
Old scooters in dust / dirt roads. In search of the best waves and beautiful beaches.

I had played once with Gele in Bali and I did not want to inflict this torture again.

In ECASTA welcomed us Rumadzhi, super fresh local agent with a homestay, which posledvstvie and became our landlord and friend. He had never seen Bulgarians, but isolation, in which he lived, He knew a lot about Europe. even knew, that Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, for Dancheto Fandakova, our dear mayor had not heard, but it does not matter. The village was super poor, There were two or three shops, in which almost nothing but, cigarettes, water, some waffles and noodles. Although poverty, where people lived were super friendly, curious and greeted us no matter age, something increasingly rare in Bulgaria unfortunately.

Spot Ekas insajd is super laid-back, because of its remoteness it was almost empty, and the level of riding most people were doubtful. (Excluding our mercy, Yet Magnaur school surfing the Black Sea has its own goals hahaha.) Something increasingly rare in Indonesia, the quality of local waves and more and more people traveling surfers. Dancho literally dominated spots, together with one Uncle longbordist of Hawaii.

"As the saying goes better first village, than last in the city ". Well this is a joke of course, leave everyone alone to decide. Just first Bulgarian school of surfing dominated, any local, French, Germans and even the occasional stray Australian. We ourselves could not believe, but I guess that would be our only one and surf. In general our days passed pretty boring village. sleep, eating mainly fish wash and 'nasi goreng' or Bulgarian fried noodles and fried rice, many surf, reading books, sunsets on the beach and almost total isolation. There was no coverage most of the time, not to mention the internet and any such inherent in the 21st century things. A new virtual acquaintance ;), He said quote:

"In Facebook from such a wonderful place, it ok to ".

Well I tried to backtrack, but yes, I sold my soul I bit. And would Bintang (so famous local beer), but at the expense of the prayers of a local cleric we heard them quite distinctly, Islam dictates as 5 times a day. Honestly tell you, gram not sorry, sometimes it is good guy to shake the world, he lives and its typical things and amenities. И от Facebook също хаха…;.

Only a small lyrical digression, for the period, when we were ECASTA. Fame and Evlogy were the islands of Gili

Lombok Island - Indonesia 2015
View above the clouds. The camp our first night while climbing Mount Ringe. The view was zashemetyavasha. The clouds were so alive.
Lombok - Indo 2015 - GOLIVE
the main crater of the volcano Ringe. He erupted for the first time and left a huge crater day in 40 years of the 20th century.
Indonesia, Lombok 2015
Unique view from the highest point on the island of Lombok. For the first time the volcano erupted in 1940 and a 🙂 and creates this huge crater, in which later appeared lake of groundwater in the area. Later after volcano erupts periodically quite low and this creates a crater lake.

and the highest point of Lombok- Mount Ringe 3726 m, if I am not mistaken.

Lombok - Indo 2015 - GOLIVE
The highest point of the mountain Ringe. We welcome deservedly rising after climbing dvudveno. She was worth every step. Here it is evident volcano, lake, ocean and Bali.

their experiences, I have no direct sight and therefore would not be hired to tell, to not get some misunderstanding or rewriting history. What is more characteristic of the global reality and having repercussions worldwide, right up to tourists in Indonesia.

Worse is to rewrite history, very bad.

"Victory Day, he was far away from us, As in the fire extinct melted crayon. were vorsty, burned, dust - This day we could for hastening.

This gunpowder smelled of Victory Day, It is a holiday with gray hair at the temples. It is a joy With tears in his eyes. Victory Day! Victory Day! Victory Day"

song, that any of us have heard, others are not, but that probably more, will not hear. Sammy can draw your own conclusions, защо ли…;;;.?

At one point, for about a day and the waves stopped wondering what to do. Our only delight was the moment, when the time comes for food. Not, it was something great, but just half an hour took all our attention. In any case the food was much better than in Andrew Savarin Java.

Calm before the storm

Friday 31st came the long-awaited swell, We went to ride on Outside Ekas tegav spot with huge waves, сериозни задържания под водата –; a description of Stormrider guide. entry, came a series of startling size, clean 4 m sure, double-overhead or both who wants to call them.

Lombok - Indo 2015 - GOLIVE
Feel to be in the water and watching the waves chase is unforgettable.

When fired tube with Dantcho looking at each other, it was frightening. He wanted to go out, but I told him to stay to see what happens. After a while pookopitihme and I started to catch waves. We rode along with an Australian from Tasmania and one man with SUP, that tore.


Lombok - Indo 2015 - GOLIVE
To ride the wave

Amid the previous days it was big-wave surfing, huge walls with a beast of speed and offshore of bustard, that strikes you thousands of tiny droplets in the eyes total psychos.

I took super strong waves, Dancho finally he nadaha and Oddar some very good.

Lombok - Indo 2015 - GOLIVE
Dancho split

Whiff was also with us, but then thankfully unsuccessful attempt to catch a monster came out and we waited for the boat. Respect for him to enter such waves, Few people in Bulgaria seen anything like. Respect and my glory tablet Lost Rock Up 6,1, She was next to me and took me out of several critical Drop. Also me out and the surface, after a beating and falling into the impact zone. place, where all the big waves crash and blow tubes before your eyes. In short words place, where no one wants to fall. When I was underwater and I made balls, trying to keep his cool, I remembered the words of Chris, "In duckdive not letting the board". Me too, clutching it with all his strength, until, when the wave allowed me to emerge and to assume so life-giving air.

It is nice feeling to get on the boat safe and sound after surfing big waves and you, that survived. Situations like these really, tell us how fragile we are and also show us what we have something, namely life and how precious it is.

After the session we got pretty tired, I personally felt great fatigue, both physical, so maybe mental and hesitated to drive you to sunset or not to drive. Later I decided to photograph, but in any case to get the board the boat. said done, I was shooting little boys and after about an hour I decided to go for the "golden hour of surfing", just before sunset. It turned out, the waves are super cool, very nice right wall, some with pretty solid size, but by no means terrible. Caught 3-4 super strong waves backside and just bursting with joy. I had a pretty big prebivka, after flying from the 3rd floor upside down. Luckily the people before me were far. I felt like a super power surfer, I had a mega speed board and all I got.

Surfing is a personal feeling and it is refracted through my prism. Maybe I was super funny haha, but it is not important. As they say: "The best surfer is the one who most likes catching".


As each story, and mine has its end.

On third time came for our harvest to Bali, 4th flew back to Istanbul. Rumadzhi wrote us a note, because at 5:00 am, He went to the fish market and could not send us. The letter very pleasant surprise, it was written with errors, but it was real and it was evident friendly feeling and a mutual sympathy, that we all had for him and his family. Will see you again one day with this, as long, and close friend, not knowing, but surely all will keep fond memories of your stay with him and the few, unadulterated by modern world, still village ECASTA.

I am happy, I write this final paragraph of the cool our house in Bistritsa, nestled at the foot of Vitosha. I'm alive, Im healthy, to me is my family. On it I want to thank you for your support and for, they were to me in my adventures, where physical, where mentally.

I would like to thank them for that, that gives me the freedom to be such, as I am with his hobbies, For some people quite incomprehensible and distant. I also want to thank my friends, with whom I shared these have not 20 days journey.

Sometimes things get tense, but most importantly then all go out with a smile on face. I hope to have many more such trips and believe, it all depends only on us.

Happiness is not the same, if it is not shared.

The truth is, The more I travel, the more I realize what paradise is Bulgaria with what nature has given us.

Sometimes these sorry, not realizing it and see only bad. They probably are blind and will never start seeing. As mentioned above, we are masters of their destiny and to us in what country we want to live and how. So that, think, Grow upward and one day with some luck, much effort and positive examples, can make their country a place, where everyone would like to live.

Wondering how, to finish the text and somehow make a comparison between our two worlds and their (Indonesia), According to Seneca:

"Poor is the, not that there is little, and who wants to have more " sound startlingly faithful.

Lombok - Indo 2015 | GOLIVE
Back to Bulgaria

People in Indonesia and particularly those in ECASTA, not many. They had smartphones, the Internet, my iPod, aypadi and whatnot paddy. They had electricity only for about a year and a half. Just largely remained people. helped her, They greeted and were smiling despite the misery, they live. Their life is not carefree, they also have their problems and anguish, which I do not doubt, but- the important thing is that they had managed to be happy and their happiness went through what car you drive, how they dressed and money, who own. Their children play free on the beach and were true sons of the ocean. Perhaps ocean was their source of happiness and smiles. The ocean, which will continue to send waves to the shores of Lombok after us, after Rumadzhi and so on until the World Turns.


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